Monday, March 13, 2017

Atomic Summer Plans

Well, holy fuck. Looks like I have something else to live for in 2017. Look, sometimes something comes into your life you had no idea you needed. Like Cate Blanchett forgetting her gloves on a department store counter. But then, once you’ve seen it, you have no idea how you ever lived without it. Like, how you never knew you wanted to see Charlize Theron play a bisexual superspy who can kill me with her bare hands, but now you can think of literally nothing else in the entire universe you want to see more? Say hello to “Atomic Blonde.”

Look, I have no idea whether this film will be any good. It’s from the director of “John Wick,” which a lot of people love but I have steadfastly avoided because told me dog death is an integral part of the plot. As I do not see any canine companions in this trailer, I will take my chances. Also, there’s that whole bit about her getting very hot and very sweaty with a French female spy which, oh la la. (p.s. oh la la is obviously code for I rewound that part four times, please, like you didn’t). And, regardless, spending two hours or so staring at Charlize’s face, bruised or otherwise, is never a bad use of one’s time. So, yeah, hello to my new reason to live until at very least summer 2017.


Helena said...

So glad a fellow South African can bring you some joy :) - have to warn you we are not all this sexy:)). Have a good week.

Carmen SanDiego said...

It looks good, even though it's a little male-gazey
I'm excited. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint