Friday, July 07, 2017

My Weekend Crush

You know what this final season of “Orphan Black” needs? More Delphine. Of course, there’s very little in life that could not be considerably improved by more Delphine. So there’s that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled that she was cured of Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Still a little part of me misses badass bitch, straight-haired Delphine from two seasons ago. But cheated death, secret rebel mad science adorable puppy Delphine isn’t terrible either. It’s just harder to set to song. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

There's never enough
Have a good weekend DS

Anonymous said...

Snarker - How have you not watched, "Gypsy" on Netflix??? Naomi Watts + Sophie Cookson + psychological thriller = fantastic lesbian action and chemistry!! What can say? Hawt, Hawt, HAWT!!!