Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Just Keep Hopping, Just Keep Hopping

Greetings. It’s the day after a fairly concussive holiday here in the states. I spent the last 72 hours calming my freaked the fuck out pets and reassuring them the sky isn’t falling. So if you are feeling any similar anxiety or trying to distress, I highly recommend you watch these 49 seconds of what can only be accurately called a sea bunny hopping along near the ocean floor. Yes, yes, I know it’s actually some kind of tiny octopus. But it has ears and it swim hops. So, you know, sea bunny. Have a great rest of your week, sea kittens.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Pit totally looks like a sea bunny!
Fourth of July is really rough on pets and wildlife. I hope everyone calmed down already
Have a good rest of your week DS

Anonymous said...

You can see right up her skirt :-) #oceanporn

Xanreb Becker said...

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