Wednesday, April 05, 2017

That Anne Girl

So, as you know, Anne of Green Gables is one of my things. I love her, I love the books, I love Megan Follows. So when Netflix announced the new series, I was excited and skeptical and nostalgic. It has been a slow reveal, with just a teaser trailer so far. But now the official trailer is out and while I still can’t say I’ll love it, I can say I’ve fallen in love all over again with Green Gables. There’s a reason I made my family vacation in Prince Edward Island one summer. And it’s that P.E.I. is as much a part of the books as the characters. And from what I can see so far, gosh doesn’t she look pretty?

So far, I actually think it feels pretty authentic. The new Anne is scrawnier and gawkier than Megan’s Anne, which actually works for the books. But she also looks a tad on the Pippi Longstocking side, to me at least. I can’t tell if she’ll have the same winsome charm. But I am willing to give this Anne a chance. Though she’d better start calling Diana her “bosom friend” instead of just “best friend.” If they change that I shall be most cross.


Carmen SanDiego said...

All I know of Anne of Green Gable's is what I learned here so I hope it's good because it will be my first contact with the characters

Shasta said...

I've seen three episodes so far and I just love it. I assume we'll have a mention of bosom friendship at some point. Anne and Diana are adorable. They're doing a great job with it and it doesn't take anything away the Megan Follows miniseries.
People should watch :)