Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Her queer little ways

Every now and then your childhood sneaks up and reminds you where you came from. In the midst of the mundane task of retrieving the mail yesterday, between the bills, bank statements and other banal reminders of adulthood was a time capsule. My “Anne of Green Gables” DVD set finally arrived, a belated Christmas gift from my mother. I’d forgotten they were coming, a function of falling too quickly back into the frazzled schedule of work and grown-up demands. But there they were, waiting patiently for me to remember. And remember I did.

I own all the books, of course. They sit neatly in a place of honor on my bookshelf, worn from time and hours of reading into the darkness of the night. L.M. Montgomery was my J.K. Rowling. I have almost everything ever bound and stamped with her name – Anne, Emily, Pat, Rilla and an endless assortment of short anthologies of occasionally questionable quality. But those I read on my own. I watched the series on TV with my family. I became obsessed with visiting Prince Edward Island (which I eventually convinced them to do one summer vacation) while watching the series on TV with my family. . I fell in love with Megan Follows (albeit unbeknownst to them, and me at the time) while watching the series on TV with my family.

This series, the one I now held in my hand. I’m not sure what took me so long to buy them. OK, they’re a tad pricey and I’m a tad cheap. Also the complete set didn’t come out until 2008. Someone in a drawer somewhere in my parents’ house gathering dust I have the complete series on VHS, recorded lovely from repeats on PBS. (OK, not “The Continuing Story” because – come on – those weren’t even based on the books). I had to fight the urge to put them on immediately and watch them back-to-back-to-back for an unending loop of spectacular sunsets along red sand beaches. But I didn’t. Work, bills, adulthood stood in the way.

But don’t worry, I will find the time. I must. Anne with an e was my hero growing up, with her smarts and spunk. She was an orphan who survived on the sheer force of her imagination, a dreamer, a thinker, a romantic, a kindred spirit. She was stubborn and prone to getting into scrapes. She was the best bosom friend a little girl could have – for Diana Barry and the rest of us. I look forward to spending time with her again soon. We have so much to catch up on after all these years.


Riayn said...

I too was a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables when I was a kid. I broke down and brought the DVDs as soon as they came out, including the horrible Anne 3 which had nothing to do with the books whatsoever.

And yes, I had a crush on Megan Follows.. still do. :)

JJ said...

Oh man, I totally have to watch these again! Thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

Oh Anne... My mother introduced Anne to me and my sister when we were young as it had been a favourite of hers when she was young, and I quickly grew to love them, and we all watched the series when it was on TV. I bought the DVDs just last year, and watched them again with my mother and sister over Christmas vacation... they're so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so much of your past with Anne is true for me as well. The late night reading (over and over and OVER again), the cherished video tapes recorded from PBS, the unknown-to-me-then-but-so-obvious-now crush on Megan Follows... *sigh*.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I too became obsessed with wanting to visit PEI, but I have yet to make it. Hopefully some day in the not too distant future I can finally live out my childhood Anne dreams of seeing the Lake of Shinning Waters with a bosom friend of my very own.

Anonymous said...

this dvd set is the only thing i asked for for christmas after i caught a couple episodes recently on pbs. brought back so many fond memories. uh, i didn't get them. but merry christmas to me cause this inspired me to get on amazon. :)

kim said...

my gf and i spent a summer in PEI, near "anne's land" and fell in love with it. At the end of the summer we hunkered down and watched anne of green gables from start to end and fell in love all over again! thanks for the reminder this morning!

Anonymous said...

o, did you record them all?
that's universal habit

they showed the movie in my country
, I think canadian made them,

was it saturday? somewhat
I recorded it, too.
high quality video tapes,
I also recorded the anime,
woke up every sunday morning 8:30am.

so people like to borrow, then never
give to me back my collection.
now it's meaningless, I want to buy
DVD someday. after I'm able to buy
all things on my list, first.

somewhat, it didn't match the book?
I didn't read the book, hahaha~
I know there are books, then
after the success, she wrote about
old Anne, and gilbert? I heard from
someone, actually I didn't read the books.

you know anime, and drama is lots
better, and well done. so why bother?

thanks for today's posting,
I think they really casting well,
the actor really looks like Anne
if there is real Anne alive.
and the other actors, too.
great casting. only thing,
little weird is diana should look
more feminine? how do you think?

on the drama the actor looks,
in my view point kind of tough.
I prefer amime's diana.
yes, that's Japanese view point.

I heard that they went to Canada to
study the mood and everything.
They did good Job.

beebee said...

I love that your mom paid attention to what you loved, remembered, and got you these. How great!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I love Anne! I watched them over the holidays when I was feeling nostalgic...

alice said...

Oh! I hadn't realized that there was a new DVD release - I'm intrigued by whatever they might be including in as extras (I have a cumbersome set that requires *flipping over* in the middle, but those things helped get me through my first year of law school, so I can't begrudge them too much.)

Ah, Anne. Such an awesome story, and one of the few things where I place the movies above the books. Here's hoping you have a free evening sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

My middle name is Anne with an e. My mother re-read the books when she was pregnant with me, pining for a little girl when she thought was having another boy.

unfinished said...

Gah-I just watched Anne of Green Gables this weekend with a friend who had to be torn from the tv set when the series first was released back in the 80s. I had never seen it so we settled in for a super gay Sunday afternoon of watching Anne-girl and her adventures. Now i'm hooked, and am looking forward to Anne of Avonlea. I must admit that I kept getting punched for making comments about the bosom-friendness...apparently AoGG is sacred and wholesome, no matter how much we can read into the night of the ball and sleepover...

And how was PEI on that vacation? Did it measure up? Because I may just move there.

Leigh-Ann said...

Many, many, many years ago, two fairly unknown Toronto actresses were up for the lead guest role on a popular Canadian TV series called "Hangin' In": one of the actresses was Megan Follows, and the other one was me. That damn Megan Follows beat me out for the role, and then she did it a couple of more times on a couple of more jobs, and then I got the message and switched to journalism.

In any case, I'm lucky enough to have memories of her from quite a few years before she played Anne of Green Gables, and I was also lucky enough to have worked with her very talented father on a few occasions. Now we're both older, and she's swooned over by lesbians young and old, and I live in a small American town and look after sick cats. Not that I don't love the cats, but I'm still vaguely envious :)

Btw, it's nice to see so many Americans with an appreciation of AoGG, both the book and TV series. I had no idea. I highly recommend reading the biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery that came out a year or two ago if you get the chance... she was definitely crushing on a lot of women in real life at the same time Anne was crushing on Diana.

Anonymous said...

My sister and her family went out to PEI last summer and my nieces went wild over Green Gables - so they got the DVD set for Xmas. Gaymos in training, fingers crossed! Also, my sister said there were busloads of Japanese tourists at GG.

Anonymous said...

Nice gay thumb ring, Snarker.

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you for this. At my parents house somewhere, i as well have them recorded on vhs and beta!

A Strange Boy said...

Have you ever watched with the interpretation that Diana totally has a lesbian crush on Anne?

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, Schuyler Grant went to my high school.

It's a small world?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Just yes to all of this. As a Canadian it's so nice to know that Anne is out in the world.And Continuing Story? Dead right. Did you know they made a new movie last year? YEAH Anne of Green Gables: The Beginning based on a prequel some lunatic wrote. Shirley Maclaine and Barbara Hershey are in it. I can't bring myself to watch that insanity. Look up the trailer on youtube. I dare you. -Heather