Wednesday, April 12, 2017

There Will Be Blood

After last week’s series of spectacular, spectacular, spectacular (even if old) failures in the advertising world (though, whew, thanks Pepsi for ending racism!), here is an ad that is actually good. Very, very, very good, in fact. It came out last year across the pond. But for those who might have missed it then or want to relive the glory, here is possibly the very first advertisement about periods that actually shows blood. No, relax, not that blood. But is ridiculous, really, that something 51 percent of the population does once a month still gets cloaked in so much embarrassment and squeamishness. Look, almost all women bleed (trans sisters and some others with physical limitations excluded). So, you know, deal with it.

1 comment:

Carmen SanDiego said...

That was an amazing commercial. I have never seen it before, thank you for sharing
Best commercial about menstruation I have ever seen. But I still hate getting my period