Thursday, April 06, 2017

Anti-Christian Lesbian Underground, Unite!

Hello, gay birds. In these alternately ridiculous and horrible and ridiculously horrible times, one of the best coping mechanisms is just simple laughter. There’s a point it seems in almost every day when I just can’t take the headlines anymore. I have to stop checking Twitter and stop reading the news. And I have to find something else to make it all seem a little less awful. (Man, this week has been a fucking doozy, no?) Another thing, along with and sometimes at the same time as laughter, that I find helps is donating to a worthy cause. So, like Tina Fey, I am also a card-carrying member of the American Christian Lesbian Underground. Kidding, kidding – I’m not Christian. But I am a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union. And I can attest to how nice it feels to give to them, no matter how small. So please enjoy Tina extoling the virtue of the ACLU and the horrors of Trump’s America. In my resistance, there is always laugher.


Helena said...

Dorothy , your fake TV wife is just so perfect :).

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh Tina we need you more than ever

Anonymous said...

"I've got gay birds on my shirt!"