Monday, April 03, 2017

Grab 'Em By The Gender Parity

You know, it still makes me sad to see Hillary. Sad, and mad. And so fucking disgusted that America couldn’t get over its internalized sexism and just give the smart, qualified, hard-working woman the job instead of human trash compactor of a man. It’s little surprise when a new survey shows only 52 percent of millennial men between the age of 18 and 25 (you know, your prototypical Bernie Bros and Trump Trainers) disagree that men should be the breadwinners and women the homemakers in a family. That’s the lowest it has been since the late 1970s, and it appears to be on a downward trend. (By contract, 74 percent of women the same age disagree with that statement.) Anyway, this is just another way of saying sexism, she ain’t over. And until we get over it, and all of the other –ism and –phobias we artificially place on each other to separate us and feel superior, this shit won’t end and we’ll be stuck having to deal with the Donald Trumps of the world. Also, damn, Hillary’s leather blazer is on point.


Helena said...

Oh Dorothy you nailed it - sad and mad :(

Anonymous said...

Same. And I will carry that mad/sad to my grave.

Carmen SanDiego said...

It should have been her.
The other day I was driving and "fight song" came on, it made me all teary eyed thinking of Hillary.
Forever mad about this.
And I agree about the leather blazer