Thursday, April 27, 2017

Vacation Vixen: San Junipero

Have you had a chance to get sucked into our possible near-future dystopia yet? No. Well, that’s fine. I know it’s more than a little unnerving to see a society that has scapegoats godlessness as the reason for its problems and stripped women of their most basic rights aso ne of the solutions. But, hey, who’s to say that future is ours. Maybe, just maybe, we get the good kind where we all get to live forever while listening to effervescent 80s pop? I mean, a girl can dream.

p.s. If you have not experienced “San Junipero” yet, do not press play above. Go watch, and maybe rewatch (and rewatch again) and then press play. Trust me, the wait is worth it because wondering is practically the best part.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I would love to be downloaded to a place like san junipero when the time comes

AK ALASKA said...

Thanks for making me smile on this gray rainy day. Super good on all sides! Love Ya Babe

Anonymous said...

A dystopia and utopia are only the same in the context that they are both communities or society that is in some way either desirabler or undesirable or frightening.
A Utopia is a place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect, or highly desirable.

A Dys-topia is a "bad" -"place" terms from Ancient Greek.

I wish San Junipero existed in reality (and was also inhabited by actor GuGu Mbatha Raw) San Junipero is a UTOPIA, not Dystopia because I didn't see anythiung dysfunctional about the place, well except that it's for the dead to inhabit. So I am in no hurry to get there, are you?

I am disappointed that you didn't use the correct word, because after all you have all these awards and are a writer, just saying.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above: The use of dystopia in the post was not in regards to San Junipero, which is indeed a utopia, but instead it was a reference to The Handmaid's Tale. The sentence was even hyperlinked with a link to another post about Handmaid's Tale; if you had just clicked that you could have saved yourself a rant.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous that replied to the anonymous person (me) about use of the word "Dystopia."

I know about the Handmaid's Tale, I saw the original movie with Natasha Richardson in it. Nonetheless San Junipero is NOT a Dystopian Society.

Movies and TV shows with Dytopian societies include: The aforementioned Handmaid's Tale, V is for Vendetta and even The Walking Dead to name just a few.

Just writing to defend Ms Snarker is insufficient for using the wrong word. R U Serious?