Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wonder Where

Well, add another thing to the annals of “Men Ruin Everything.” Here we have a perfectly good movie about Amazon life in Themyscira, and then, boom, a dude drops in and everything goes to hell. Fine, so maybe he doesn’t ruin everything. Like, I’m still pretty excited to see this movie and rejoice in all the Amazonian badassery. Robin Wright! Connie Nielsen! Lucy Davis not an Amazon, but very funny)! I’m not 100 percent sure what accent they’re all affecting. (Like, are they trying to copy Gal Gadot’s natural accent?) Also, no sign of the signature spin.
But, yeah, I’m still totally into it.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I read somewhere that if you imagine Chris pine as a feisty blonde it becomes A Xena and Gabrielle trailer.
I tried it and it worked. Now it's my head canon

Linda Keller said...

This trailer is so much better than the first since it actually focuses primarily on Wonder Woman. Watching the first trailer you'd think Chris Pine was the titular character.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's too much white dude being cool for a movie about the first Delmas superhero which is titled Wonder Fucking WOMAN. But I think A) they were terrified of the Ghostbusters-effect with neckbeards feeling lost without someone who they can relate to and therefore thrashing the movie on social media B) By the way she talks about him herself, Patty Jenkins was honed by Pine and is basically she's making a movie about his character. C) they've chose to give more screetime to Pine to make up for Gal Gadot's terrible acting instead of focusing on the Amazons, and on a hell of an actress like Robin Wright who could and will outshine both Pine and Gadot. Just look at the trailer: it takes just a few seconds in that fighting scene to make you wish SHE was playing Wonder Woman: that's what charisma, screen presence and actually acting chops can give to a performance. Not to mention that Wright, at 50 years old, fits better the physicality of WW than Gadot: she's actually looks muscular and fit, like someone you actually wouldn't want to mess with.