Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Trumperfly Effect

Imagine, if you will, an alternate timeline. A timeline where Emma Thompson goes out on a date with Donald Trump in 1998 after he calls her out of the blue while she is in her trailer. A timeline where they then fall in love and get married. A timeline where he finally realizes women are not just trophies to acquire or objects to ogle or things to serve him. A timeline where he finally learns that women are real human people who can be smart and funny and wonderful. A timeline where having a good, decent person in his life who is not a paid sycophants or a family member benefiting from his constant nepotism actually makes a difference. A timeline where then for the next 18 years instead of brooding about how to obtain more wealth and how to show off his power and how to vanquish his enemies, he just lives a quiet, happy life. A timeline where he stops feeling inadequate. A timeline where he stops worrying if his father ever loved him. Hell, a timeline where he even stops hating black and brown and foreign people. A timeline where he votes for Barack Obama – twice. Imagine, imagine if those butterfly wings had fluttered slightly faster how different our universe’s timeline could be.

Just kidding. I wouldn’t wish Donald Trump on anyone, let alone anyone as lovely as Emma Thompson.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Emma dodged a bullet Matrix-style

Helena said...

Oh Dorothy I cannot imagine her with Donald so will just now imagine Emma as president :)