Thursday, March 02, 2017

Take Me To Your...My Face! My Face!

So last week NASA discovers 7 new possibly life-sustaining planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system. And this week we get the new trailer for “Alien” Covenant.” It’s the second in the planned “Alien” prequel series (the first was “Prometheus” which, somehow, I did not realize was an “Alien” prequel in the first place…) Anyway, it all looks kinda grim and very face-huggy (and back splitty – gross). Though I do like the gender parity, which I guess is a necessity if you are going to start a whole new civilization from scratch and all. But, yeah, needless to say things do not seem to go as planned. Also, space suits, people. Space suits. Still, despite the apparent carnage, given how things are going on Earth, if given the choice to colonize a new planet I’d probably take it. I mean, we’ve got face-eaters here, too. They’re just a tiny bit less literal.

p.s. I think the whole “colonize” other planets thing excludes the possibility for us gays to tag along. But, here’s my plan, become indispensable in some other essential survival skill. Sadly, I don’t know if TV recapping is needed to terraform a new world. But, you never know.
p.p.s. Speaking of TV recapping, those “The Good Fight” recaps are swinging right along at Autostraddle. You can check them out here.


Unknown said...

FWIW, your TV recapping has helped terraform several of my internal worlds.

Carmen SanDiego said...

TV Recapping is an essential life skill

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if earth becomes a place with just us gays left behind (watching and recapping all the queer shows we'd be making) I would be down with that.

Helena said...

Agree with above statement from Carmen , and your skill has brought many happy moments to my life. Have a good weekend.