Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rough Decision

So remember yesterday when I was like, “THIS MOVIE TRAILER IS MY REASON TO LIVE?” Of course you do, it is also now yours. Well here’s another movie trailer which is not exactly life affirming (actually sorta the exact opposite), but I still have a keen interest in for a number of reasons – as well as one very big reservation.

Reasons to love in no particular order:

- Scarlett Johansson, love her plus she is sporting the hair that has led to all sorts of amazing red carpet amazingness.
- Kate McKinnon, obviously love her and her mystery accent (like, I think it is Australian, but then maybe not).
- Ilana Glazer, clearly love her.
- Zoë Kravitz, again love her even though it makes me feel a little weird because I also loved her mom.
- Jillian Bell, I don’t really know her that well but she certainly seems if not entirely lovable then very funny.
- Written and directed by Lucia Aniello from “Broad City,” which duh, I love.
Reason to not love:
- Seriously, the whoops we killed a stripper thing? The whole, oh no, we have to get rid of the body thing? The world doesn’t really need a gender swapped “Very Bad Things” and/or “The Hangover,” but with more murder. How about you pack all these very, very funny and talented women into a movie that doesn’t feel derivative and dismissive of the lives of sex workers, eh?
So, what do you think? And, for real, what is Kate’s accent? And is it gone there at the end? What’s happening, girl? Just kidding, you know I still love you. Call me (with whatever accent you want).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is quite a 'bogan' Australian accent.


Waffles said...

I really don't like this trope - as much as I love Kate, I will likely skip it. Have you been watching Big little lies? For some reason, I thought there'd be a female couple - so far not, but Zoe is in it - and Reese is amazing. I'm pretty hooked on it, despite its complete lack of queerness so far.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I'm still gonna watch it. Looks funny

Helena said...

Definitely sounds Australian - and then it just disappears :) But Kate can do no wrong , right? :))

Linda Keller said...

I'm like 90% positive this won't pass the Bechdel test because likely all they will talk about is fiances and the dead stripper. Bummer, I will give it a shot since it is an astonishing ensemble and I want them to get the momentum to keep making (better) women centered movies. I was someone would get the memo that translating dudebro movies is not a guaranteed recipe for success.