Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gods of Carnage

So this is my week to post trailers, apparently. Next up, the new trailer for “American Gods.” The new series from Bryan Fuller (Mr. “Pushing Daisies,” “Hannibal,” “Wonderfalls”) looks…well, it certainly looks. It actually might blend the two sides of Fuller perfects – the fantastical and the carnagetastical. I won’t pretend to super understand the premise (nor have I read the Neil Gaiman on which it is based). But, looks like we’ve got a ton of old gods fighting a ton of new gods resulting in bloods – so much blood. The first two trailers are very, very (very, very, very) dude heavy. But the good news is we get our first glimpse of Kristin Chenoweth as Easter. Cheno in this bloods and battle show? I know, it’s crazypants. But the person they probably purposely left out, and why I’m extra intrigued, is Gillian Anderson stars as Media. We have only seen a couple teaser shots of her so far as Media (dressed as Marilyn Monroe, no less, because her character takes the form of celebrities apparently). So what do you think? Cheno and Gillian together sealing the whole bloody deal? We shall see.


Waffles said...

IAN MCSHANE!!!! I love Deadwood with an undying passion, so am so excited to see him here (also excited to see Robin Weigert on Bg little lies!).

Scamp said...

The NCAA Women's D-1 Basketball Tournament begins Friday, March 17. Hundreds of American goddesses (players, coaches, officials) will be on view. Unscripted TV and on-line viewing.

Carmen SanDiego said...

As a long time neil Gaiman fan I am ridiculously excited for this! I read the book when it first came out and, in anticipation of the show, I read it again over the holidays
If done well this could be their game of thrones

Carmen SanDiego said...

But I am not expecting much from Media and Easter. Besides the two main characters, Shadow and Wednesday, the others don't really get featured much
Although it will be fun to see Gillian Anderson as Lucille Ball