Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thank You for Shopping

This year I’ve had two pleasant TV surprises. The first is “The Good Place,” which continues to delight with its kinda weird, kinda whimsical, kinda wise take on the (after) life. And the second is the show that comes on right before it, “Superstore.” I know, I know – I’m a season late on that one. In my defense, I wanted to watch last season. But, you know, life gets busy. But thanks to “The Good Place,” I began catching the last few minutes of “Superstore.” And as they say, seeing is believing. So I binge watched the first season and all up to date and anxious for more. The one-two punch of funny and smart these shows provide each Thursday night is a wonderful antidote to the awfulness of our political landscape. Or at least a welcome hour-long escape.

Now, clearly, the best thing about “Superstore” is America Ferrera. I’ve loved her since “Ugly Betty” – obviously. But now finally there is another series to showcase her skills. What else I enjoy about the show is its fun, very diverse ensemble. The absurdist, yet pointed skewering of corporate retail culture really works. Plus it has Lauren Ash, the fledgling gay from “Super Fun Night” who was the best thing about that show. And then, as mentioned, there’s America. The only thing it lacks is, well, a gay lady*. The show has a gay male character, but as yet now queer female representation. But, those big box stores are always hiring, right?

Bonus points because America is a huge Hillary supporter. And, clearly, does not want a Donald Trump lap dance. But then, no one wants that. Or anything else from that hateful tangerine. No one at all.

p.s. America and Amber Tamblyn’s “Lip Sync Battle” airs tonight on Spike.

* Add a queer lady character is my main complaint for most shows on TV. Case in point, its timeslot companion “The Good Place” could use also a lesbian or bi lady. Though, I won’t lie, I still have some hopes for Eleanor. I mean the way she raves about Tahani’s skin – come on.


Waffles said...

I love these both as well- and love that in the Good Place, there are LB couples - but yes, would like a lesbian couple to be a main character. Also, I really miss Super Fun Night.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I'll set the dvr. Too bad my Thursdays are taken by Shonda Otherwise I would watch it live