Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Det. Your New Lesbian Crush

Have we formed a protective circle around Maggie Sawyer yet? Like can we just put her in a safe room right now? National City could at least issue her a bulletproof vest, STAT. The newest gay on the block is Supergirl’s Det. Maggie Sawyer. Her character was announced over the summer, based on an existing (and super gay) DC character from the comics. Whenever I hear about a new queer character on TV I get that all-too familiar mix of hope and dread. Will this be done right, will this last, will this matter? Or am I getting all excited for nothing?

Now, we’ve only had one episode – but I am in the very excited, terribly hopeful phase with “Supergirl.” Det. Maggie Sawyer (as played by Floriana Lima) is a sheer delight. Can you say swagger for days? What’s great about her, or what we have seen about her so far, is she is confident without falling hopelessly into the predatory lesbian trope. Yes, she likes ladies – human and otherwise. But she’s chasing everything in a suit and/or tasteful pantsuit. Instead, she lets the ladies come to her. And, come on, we all know Alex Danvers is very, very interested.

So, about that protective circle. Shall we begin clasping hands now?

p.s. Super mega bonus points for also adding not only the delicious Katie McGrath, but also Lynda Freaking Carter this season. Our hot, talented ladies cup truly runneth over.


Helena said...

I'm in the circle - and please ask Officer Haught for the bullet proof vest :).

Carmen SanDiego said...

Detective seems to be TV lesbians top choice profession

Anonymous said...

What channel is this show on? Never seen it in my area.

Anonymous said...

Can you do something on that Black Mirror episode?