Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bring It Way-verly Back

You know what? I sure miss Waverly and Haught. Though, fortunately, they’re coming back for a second season and there is always YouTube until then. There’s just something so uncomplicated and essential about their romance. It’s like watching magnets find each other and delight at their mutual and unmistakable attraction. Oh, WayHaught, come back. Come back now. Is it spring yet?


Emma said...

Not yet Dorothy. We'll have to wait an eternity before spring returns. Also, when will we see your first writings on AS ?

bitsnbobs said...

On the bright side, Syfy upped their order by 2 episodes so when the Wayhaught drought finally does end we will be getting that much more of a great thing. :-)

Thanks again for letting this Canuck lesbo know about this fantastic series shot right in her backyard!