Friday, October 14, 2016

My Weekend Crush

Some day, hopefully on Nov. 9, I will get to stop writing about the hellscape that is our current political landscape and start writing about cute women kissing each other again. But as vile and, yes, deplorable as this election has become let us not become beaten down by its seemingly endless awfulness. Let us instead be steadfast, determined and above all resolute that we deserve better than this. That we can do better than this. That we are better than this. And we will win. And to help us remember that I advise you watch this speech by First Lady Michelle Obama at least once a day until Nov. 8. Yes we can do this. I’m with her and her. We’re going to win this thing. Happy weekend, all.


EJ said...

Im also tired of this election. Its embarrasing for America that this is the best candidate the Republicans can run out there. I firmly believe Trump does not even care what he is doing or if he wins he is such an egomaniac just wants the press attention and they gobble it up. Where is the political debate? Sanders/Clinton had philosophical debates. This is just grandstanding. Cant wair for it to be over so I can go on with life.

Anonymous said...

three days into office Obama authorized a drone strike in Afghanistan that inflicted multiple civilian casualties and catastrophic injuries. He has assassinated citizens of the United States with no due process. One a teenager. His drone campaign has out murdered bush's. Fast and furious. Ndaa. Libya. War crime after war crime. The hundreds of innocent lives countries we aren't even at war with...the shame. The horror.

But hey they do give some mighty slick speeches.

Anonymous said...

Im coming to the conclusion Sanders was right. The entire system is rigged. Rich and wealthy people are the only ones who can win. Trump is a multi millionaire who skirts the tax law. Clinton accepts corporate donations and foreign monies into the Foundation. The 2 party system is rigged. Im so sick of politics as usual. Let candidates run based on their beliefs and not tied to the Dem and Republican machines.

Anonymous said...

I'm super excited to vote for Hillary in this election and I loved Michelle Obama's speech. I will absolutely need videos like this to keep me from ripping my hair out over the horrific embarrassment that is Trump.

Anonymous said...

Even FOX news says Trump wont win the math does not add up.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that voting for a woman for the sake of voting for a woman is absolutely insane?
Hillary Clinton should be in jail. If you support her your support the worst of what it means to be a human being.Period.
No sympathy for the half wits suckered by the egregious and shameless lies peddled by the corporate media. You are the problem.

Seems like its the same simpletons who continue to back Obama despite his numerous war crimes and assaults on our civil liberties. His track record is worse than W's. A fact. Sorry. How many american teenagers did W drone murder?

Speeches? Ya'll are that gullible? that naive? That shallow?

The two party system is a joke. Obviously. Stop playing pretend and grow the f*&$ up.

Nici75 said...

To the oh-so-brave Anons on here spewing Hillary and Obama hate:

Kindly tell me, what's the point of your arriving on every pro-Hillary post on the internet? Do you really think that you're going to change anyone's mind? And it's not about "voting for a woman". Level-headed Americans are voting in the most qualified candidate ever to appear on the ballot. Simple as that.

If you really believe that there's a "perfect" politician anywhere, you're immature, delusional, and mostly pathetic. Grow up, or go and be pathetic in your pro-Trump and/or Hillary-hating safe spaces (poor dears).

Meanwhile, here's the difference between you and Hillary Clinton:
You're whining.

Have a nice day.

ald2106 said...

Well said Nici75.
I not an American, but wish I was if only to vote for Hillary Clinton.

ald2106 said...

Oops! * I'm .

Hick said...

Thanks, Nici75. You wrote almost exactly what I was thinking, but in a more civil tone.

Ken said...

Listen Hillary exploits and manipulates the system with the best of them but the problem is the American political system is broken. Hillary is the adult in the room hence she has my vote. I'm a man voting for the most qualified candidate. I don't love everything about her but the options don't compare. Trump is a scary joke.

Anonymous said...

Haha, wow. First of all "nici75", that is your real name I guess, she's the most "qualified", uhm, really? That's your logic? She's qualified? How, exactly? She is qualified for prison. As is the current president.

I detest trump btw. Sorry.

Obama is a war criminal. Period. He has murdered American citizens!! Hello!! Sure, he is articulate and non white so apparently above reproach. He has continued the neo con agenda with zeal, outdoing bush. We are talking about a peace prize winner who drops drone bombs on innocent civilians in countries we aren't t war with! And that's just the start!

So anytime you want to debate actual facts and track records I'm ready. Or, skirt actual debating by making assumptions.
Did you ever read the federalist papers btw? This duopoly is far from what was intended. We live in an oligarchy, which the clintons helped usher in.

No, she isn't "winning" and we are ALL losing.

Nici75 said...

Another oh-so-brave anon, and yeah, Nici is my real name and I was born in 1975. Your point? Oh, right. Yopu have none. Never mind.

You're a loon and for proof you claim that Mr. Obama has "murdered American citizens". What utter poppycock.

I'll debate you. I'll run you into the ground called Reality. Here, have some of it:

These are The Federalist Papers:

And I'm 150% certain that you've never read them. Well, not unless someone simplified them for you, because the reading level attached to those papers is beyond doctoral. Have fun trying to understand even 10% of the originals.

When you're done reading those, summarize EACH of them, post your EIGHTY-FIVE summaries here, and then we'll talk again.

Have a nice day.