Friday, October 21, 2016

My Weekend Laugh

Yes, yes – I know! Too much election coverage, not enough lesbianism. But if you missed last night Al Smith Dinner you missed something quite spectacular indeed. First, you missed Donald Trump getting roundly booed by a well-heeled, largely conservative set at a charity dinner. Yes, Donald got booed at a charity dinner. Also, holy crap, is he bad at telling jokes. And second you missed Hillary Clinton absolutely roast him to a cinder. Like, damn girl, she annihilated him. I expect her social media team to just post Khaleesi fire gifs from now until Nov. 8. Anway, yes, yes – I know. More election talk. But at least this time you can laugh at it – heartily. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I can't wait for the election results
Landslide for Hillary

Helena said...

I so badly hope Carmen is right , but am very nervous - there are lot of strange people out there.

Anonymous said...

Trump wont win even hes talking like its over. The more interesting races are the Senate and House. If Republicans maintain control there, then Hillary is going to be in the position as Obama. Gridlock.

Nici75 said...

Landslide is a possibility, but getting that magic wave is all about getting people to vote blue all the way down the ballot.

You can do it, USA!