Friday, October 07, 2016

My Weekend Crush

So “Westworld,” yeah – let’s talk about it. I watched the pilot and was impressed. Like I was really, really impressed. So far from what I’ve seen it’s a morality play crossed with a human “Jurassic Park” crossed with “A.I” crossed with a Sam Peckinpah fever-dream. Part of what makes it so impressive – besides its very, very big picture scope – is its very talented star Evan Rachel Wood. Make no mistake, at least in the first episode, her Dolores is the show’s big breakout.

Granted, we’ve known how great Evan was since way back in her “Once & Again” days. We loved her in “Thirteen.” We wished there was more of her in “True Blood.” And we continue to be so proud of her as she is out and very proud as a bisexual woman in Hollywood. So, yeah, is most certainly someone worth rooting for.

Does the show bring up the specter of sexual violence against woman (yes, and more than just a specter – unfortunately)? Yes, and I am so very tired of having to trudge through that kind of trauma in pretty much every television show. But given the subject matter and questioning of our very humanity the show implies – it at least has a reason.

Also, there was the intriguing matter of the scientist character played by Shannon Woodward (girl, it’s good to see you outside of “Raising Hope”) kissing one of the newly rebooted android hosts on the sly. Hello, what was that all about? And will it lead to anything or just a little titillation? We shall see. We shall see, indeed. Because you’d better believe I’ll be watching. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh man, should I be watching this? I should probably, shouldn't I? It looked so violent that I was hoping I would be able to skip it but I can't resist Evan Rachel Wood bisexual and a DS recommendation
There is so much good TV these days...

tubs said...

Dude, I'm so glad to see you writing about this show! I have high hopes for this one. Also, I'm praying for them to do something interesting with that scientist character. Make her fall in love with an android woman, dammit!