Monday, December 08, 2014

SGALGG: Taylor & Karlie Edition?

Didn’t we almost have it all? For a brief, shining moment it seemed amid all the horrible things happening in the world (The Eric Garner non-indictment terribleness. The UVA Rolling Stone rape cover story fiasco. Etc. etc. etc.), we were going to be gifted with one glorious thing. Pop culture juggernaut Talyor Swift and Victoria Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss were “caught” kissing. On the lips. With their mouths. Lip-mouth kissing. And it was #confirmed. Well, if you call a blurry photo on Twitter of two blurry people with their blurry heads near one another in a blurry way “confirmed.” Ah, see, that’s where the “almost” part comes in.

Taylor’s rep promptly called the rumors “crap” and a Vine here and there posted as proof look exactly like two friends at a concert talking into each other’s ears because concerts are loud, yo. Look, as much as we may want Kaylor (is that a thing now, guess so) to be true in our heart of heart places, it’s probably not. T-Swizzle has never one pinged my gaydar. And, I’d love to think, if she did have any lady-on-lady inclinations she would be honest about them. I mean, she’s a millennial – don’t they think being gay makes them even cooler?

What this brief bout of wishful thinking about a Kaylor connection illustrates most is our continued desire, as a community, to see ourselves reflected. We always want celebrities to be gay. We always want more gay representation on screen. We always want gay stories told. This is a universal human condition. That we haven’t seen them enough is also, sadly a human condition. As a minority group, as with any minority group, our stories get shunted to the side all too often. Our TV, our movies, our media are awash in straight white stories. So, naturally, we hunger for something different. The ironic twist, of course, is the more diverse stories we see the more interesting the world becomes. I don’t know about you, but white guy saves the world from (monsters, aliens, zombies, robots, asteroids, dinosaurs, et al) gets boring. Seriously, yawn. We want new stories. And in the absence of them, we’ll take a few glorious moments of thinking a pop princess and a fashion model might actually be making out together in plain view.

p.s. Can we get a Kickstarter going to have Tegan & Sara rework their song to “Everything is Awful?” If we’re going to endure this shit storm of a news cycle, at least we should be able to dance to a proper anthem.

p.p.s. I wrote more about the lesbianing of T-Swizzle over at AfterEllen today, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm far too old to love Taylor Swift - but i just do. I finally saw the video for "Shake it off" yesterday - and it was a revelation. I have a soft spot for TS largely because I heard once that she prefers watching Antiques Roadshow to going out. And then she got kitties? I am smitten! But that shake it off video - she just owned her dorkiness and her awkwardness, and I just had all the feelings. I cried, and it was amazing.

So, if she had some lady loving leanings, I'd be super happy.

By the way, have you heard of the Danish TV series "Dicte"? I think it is new to netflix, and I've watched a few episodes. I am thinking that it is possible that the female police officer may be gay. She talks a lot about dating people, but never uses pronouns. In one scene, the lead police dude asked if she was hungover from a date with the philosopher or the scientist (not the actual professions - but the point is, he addressed them by profession not names). And then in one scene, she thought a female murder victim looked familiar, and the police dude asked if they had dated(!). Anyway, I like her character a lot, even though she is minor, and am totes hoping that she too has lady loving leanings.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I really wanted it to be true
Her lady loving inspired album would have been amazingly catchy
And can you imagine the break up songs?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to note that I have confirmation - the cute girl cop on Dicte is indeed a lady loving cop. Squee!