Monday, December 01, 2014

Last Picture Show

If I was a body language expert (which, as lesbian, I clearly am after years and years and years of trying to figure out what that cute lesbian across the room who you were too afraid to approach and talk to was really thinking), I would have a lot to say about the new “Lost Girl” promo pictures. I would particularly have a lot to say about the new “Lost Girl” duo promo pictures. First, the pictures.

Bo & Lauren:

Bo & Tamsin:

Bo & Dyson:

Dyson & Lauren:

I call them, respectively, Love, Longing, Get Lost and Let’s Go Pound Some Brews & Talk About Chicks, Bro.

The snuggling of the Bo & Lauren picture cannot (and will not) be ignored. This is particularly noteworthy given that the fifth season preview showed a Bo & Dyson snog, but choked on Bo & Lauren – quite literally. But this, this snuggle will not be denied.

It seems so surreal that the final season of this show will be starting soon. And these will be the very last promo pictures from this series we get to see. While I still haven’t made my peace with the end, but I am very excited for start. And, of course, you can expect my recaps over at AfterEllen will follow.

p.s. You can also check out a little more about the promo pictures and posters released for Season 5 on AfterEllen today.


Panty Buns said...

I LOVE "Lost Girl" - and especially love Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk as the couple Bo and Lauren! I follow both of them on Twitter. I could watch them together forever. I binge-watched the first four seasons of "Lost Girl" on NetFlix - I'm afraid it will take quite a while for Season 5 to make it there. I'd have to upgrade my cable to be able to see "Lost Girl" when it airs but I doubt I could resist reading your recaps at AfterEllen.

Kaz said...

The producers and writers had better get this last season right. I don't want them to fuck over thier fans for an "artistic statement". No more killing main characters and no unresolved finale. Respect all who have stood by this show even after the debacle that was season 4.

I need a Doccubus wedding !!

Anonymous said...

Where and when can Americans watch season 5? I have watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix, even watching season 4 on Amazon for a fee, before it arrived on Netflix. I would like to watch season 5 as it first airs, not months later, even if I have to pay per episode. Any information for us diehard fans?

Unknown said...

It's quite surreal to think this is going to be the end. I remember discovering Lost Girl mid-way through season one and while Zoie Palmer had a mere 300-ish twitter followers. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment that the writers need to get this right. They need to support the fans who made this the most illegally downloaded show of all time (I think that was back around season 3).But seriously, this show started with such quality in every way and I hope they end it just the same. What are we going to do once it's gone? As always, I look to our leader - Dorothy. You'll lead us in the right direction, I know you will.

Kaz said...


You can watch it trough various websites a couple hrs AFTER it airs on Canadian TV

You do NOT have to pay for the vidoes so any adds you see just X out of them

It takes a while to learn how to use these sites.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tristen, for the information on where to watch the show online. -- anonymous

Anonymous said...

I remember the angst over Xena well and all this "they better do this or that" and "they need to listen to the fans". Hope they do well by you this time around.