Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plot Points

My continued apologies for the tardy postings. I am in the midst of recapping two shows and working my full time job and trying to be a somewhat social human being this holiday season. So something has to bah humbug, and that is timely blog posts. But, fear not. Only one more (sniffle) The Fall recap this season and then I will just be down to normal busy instead of ughwhatmakeitstop busy. Until then, please enjoy these screencaps from the last Lost Girl recap. I swear, sometimes I have no fucking idea what these writers are doing, but damn if it doesn't look pretty.

Read the full Ep. 502 Lost Girl recap over at AfterEllen.

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Panty Buns said...

Wow, your review of Lost Girl season 5 Episode 2 is epic! The amount of plot crammed into such a small time frame makes me wonder whether the writers had material from a sixth season that they're trying to cram into the fifth.
Please don't let it turn out that Kenzi is leaving the show. I LOVE Bo and Lauren, but it would be awfully hard to replace that necessary spark of outrageous zaniness, humanity and vulnerable kick-ass sidekick that is that Kenzi.
Anna Silk's eyes look gorgeous as Bo, and I've always loved seeing her together with Zoie Palmer as Lauren.
I hope I remember to mention the appearance of Persephone in the show and your Lost Girl 5.2 recap at AfterEllen to Holly Cassell who writes the blog The Persephone Complex.
I figured Bo was spirited away her lord-of-the-darkness father when she turned up on that Wanderer card with him at the end of Season 4, but just, wow.
I wish I got Show Case.
I've been re-watching the 6 seasons of "The L Word" on NetFlix (LOVE it), but I also can't wait to see Season 5 of Lost Girl too.