Thursday, December 25, 2014

Freedom from Want

I hope wherever you are or whatever you celebrate or whoever you are with you are having the most merry and bright day. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on everything from the major to the minuscule with me here. May your day be free from any want and filled with only joy. Merry Christmas, kittens.

p.s. I know, I know this is an ad. But goodness, the message is lovely.


Helena said...

Ms Snarker , wishing you a day filled with joy and love. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Yes it is a lovely message
Have a wonderful day DS. Thank you for writing the best part of my morning routine

adAstra said...

This is so beautiful. I hope Ms. Starker and all those who follow this blog have a wonderful holiday season. :)

I love that so many more of the ads we see are spreading messages of love overriding everything and about inclusiveness--to me that message is so important and if it comes in the form of an ad it makes me glad companies are noticing what we care about. Love it!