Friday, December 27, 2013

My End-of-the-Year Crush

It’s been a bad year for closets. A bunch of famous ladies decided to only store their clothes in them and join our big gay family. Granted, many of us knew about many of them already. But there’s still something so special – and so necessary – about making it official. And there was such a wide array of ways they all came out: at award shows, on morning TV, in magazine interview, through newspaper columns and, yes, even on Twitter.

Here’s a look at The Out Eight of 2013 (I know, there were more, but these are some of the most high profile. Autostraddle has a nice run-down of alllll the ladies who kicked open the closet.)

Jodie Foster, actress

Sure, it was a little rambling and never quite said the “L” or “G” words, but Jodie’s coming out acceptance speech at the Golden Globes in January was the confirmation of something we all knew but also though would never go acknowledged. And now she’s got a hottie girlfriend out of the deal. Get it, girl.

Jenna Wolfe, TV journalist

The NBC “Today Weekend” anchor came out and announced her and her partner’s impending parenthood on the popular morning show in March. She gave birth to a baby girl in August. As I don’t get up early on the weekends, I wasn’t too familiar with Jenna before the announcement. But, goodness, am I glad I did my research. Hello, arm porn.

Brittney Griner, professional basketball player

After being selected the No. 1 draft pick by the WNBA in April, Brittney came out in a matter-of-fact way during an interview afterward. Granted, she’d never been necessarily in. But saying it out loud with confidence and pride silences the snide whispers. Being able to dunk on them doesn’t hurt either.

Charice, actress and singer

You might remember Charice from “Glee.” Or you might know the Filipina superstar from her own music. But even if you don’t know her at all you have to commend her courage in coming out this June in an often conservative and largely Roman Catholic country. Also, love the hair.

Raven-Symone, actress and singer

Coming out is now so Raven. I’ll happily date myself and say that I can remember little Raven-Symone as the adorable Olivia on “The Cosby Show.” And for others she was the sassy Raven and lead singer of The Cheetah Girls. So coming out in a tweet about marriage equality in August after so many grew up with her makes such a difference.

Michelle Rodriguez, actress

Yeah, finally. After years of talking loudly about not being gay and liking sausage, the actress came out as bisexual in an Entertainment Weekly article this October. She followed it up by telling Latina magazine she decided to be honest about who she is to “see what happens.” Well, honey, what happened? Other than that long-awaited toaster oven you got in the mail.

Abby Wambach, professional soccer player

While she wasn’t necessarily in, she certainly never said it out loud. So getting married to teammate Sarah Huffman and gushing about their big day and thanking well-wishers on Twitter made it official this October. Saying I do and I am all at once means one hell of a honeymoon.

Maria Bello, actress

Modern love can lead to modern families. And Maria Bello wrote eloquently about her own when she came out in a New York Times column earlier this month. She didn’t label herself (well, she called herself a “whatever”), but put words to the love she has for her female partner, the platonic father of her son and their child.

So, there you have it. Eight women who decided the truth was better than any dark closet. Here’s to another open year in 2014. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for using a picture of Stephanie Gosk in identifying Jenna Wolfe. Both are amazing women.

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Great list And Lots of diversity too

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