Thursday, December 05, 2013

But I'm a Musical

There’s good news and then there’s “But I’m A Cheerleader” is getting turned into a musical news. Of all the lesbian classics, it might be the most suited for the stage. It has a larger than life, campy quality combined with topical issues. The musical is getting an exploratory reading in London this Friday. The 1999 movie has always been one of my nostalgic favorites. Also the cast was insane: Natasha Lyonne, Clea DuVall, RuPaul, Cathy Moriarty, Michelle Williams, Eddie Cibrian, Melanie Lynskey and Julie Delpy. If all goes well, we might be humming the showtune, “I’m a Homosexual” in the shower soon. My only suggestion, no drooling on that line, please. I mean, sure, Natasha Lyonne sold it on screen. But on stage that might become a tripping hazard. Just saying.

p.s. “I Like Girls. A Lot” is going to be a show stopper, I just know it.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Wow 1999
I saw that on the theatre, when i was still trying to figure out my sexuality

maya said...

What. WHAT?! This news literally brought tears to my eyes. And even though it might end up being a travesty, something about musical meets my favorite lesbian movie ever is the great thing. I can quote this movie almost as much as I can quote Heathers.