Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Taystee Christmas and a Crazy Eyes New Year

’Twas the night before Christmas, and Taystee and Crazy Eyes have some merry and bright to get you through that long winter’s nap. Man, I miss those ladies. And, if you’re worried about suffering the post-Christmas blues after the presents are unwrapped, just know that after tomorrow we’ll be that much closer to seeing Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba back on streaming video. I mean, “Orange Is the New Black” has to come back sometimes next year, right? Even if the powers that be didn’t see fit to have the first season box set ready for Christmas so I could gift every lesbian I know with its indescribably joy this holiday season (p.s. Dude, what gives, Netflix?). I digress. Sleep tight, kittens, and may visions of sugar plums and hotties in tank tops dance through your head.


egghead said...

Taystee&Ms.Eyes are my favorite characters, aside from Alex and Piper. OITNB is probably my favorite thing of 2013, among many great things for the year (of course: Edie Windsor, McKlinnon on SNL, etc.)

Unknown said...

I finally started watching OiTNB, and it's been very difficult to not mainline Alex's eyebrows- I mean...the whole season.

For all the comfort and joy you bring to so many of us, I wish it back upon you tenfold. Merry Giftmas, Ms. Snarker.