Friday, December 20, 2013

My Weekend Hosts

You know why I’m excited there are only two more weekends left in 2013? Not because 2013 was a particularly bad year. Heck, TV-wise it was a pretty fantastic year, and we all know I judge all of my personal and professional life by the quality of the television programming I watch. No, I’m excited for 2014 because a) a lot of those shows from 2013 will be coming back and b) a lot of those shows from 2013 will be honored at upcoming awards shows being helmed by totally awesome female hosts. OK, fine, so perhaps I’m not setting the bar terribly high as far as personal excitement is concerned (it’s the end of a long year, cut me some slack). But, I believe these promos are indeed genuine reasons to get excited for both the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler and My TV Wife Tina Fey and the Oscars with The Great Panted One Ellen DeGeneres. Like I said, with a dozen days left in 2013, it’s the little things that get your through. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. I heard that Tina. You’re supposed to love me! MEEEE!


Tristen said...

THX for the awards videos

It's hard to watch them without dipping a little lower in ur blog to watch "THE GIF" !!

egghead said...

Those two look like they are post scissor happy. :)

Kristan Hoffman said...

Not at all related, sorry, but have you seen this list of well-known ladies who came out in 2013?

Anonymous said...

haha! fab clip of Ellen!