Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tank Top Tuesday: Gone Haywire

Dude, duuuuude. Do you know about Gina Carano? No, but seriously, do you know about her? She is a now-retired mixed martial arts fighter, a former American Gladiator and fledgling actress. Hey, you, I’m talking to you. Stop staring at her guns. Or her abs. Or, you know, her whatever else you may be looking at. This is serious. OK, fine, it’s not serious. But it is seriously hot. Gina will make her starring feature film debut in “Haywire” this weekend. The action film from Steven freaking Soderbergh also features a bunch of dudes (Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas), but the main attraction is Gina who plays a covert operative who gets burned and decides to burn back. In a really big way. I won’t lie, I have no idea if Gina can act. But she sure can kick ass. And she looks great in a tank top. Or a sports bra. Also whatever the hell strappy, holey contraption she is wearing above is. And for me, today, that’s more than enough reason to rejoice. Hey, it is a Tuesday. So sue me.

p.s. Did you know there is also video?

p.p.s. And just in case you want to see her in another kind of action, here is a little clip from “Haywire.” Damn, girl, is an understatement.


Shade said...

Did it just get hot in here?
If this post is any indication you're having one hell of a time in Vegas. :)

hey said...

I'm anxiously waiting for your sgalgg - Golden Globes edition :D

egghead said...

I don't understand WHY it takes SO MANY name brand actors to chase her? Just color me naive or something. ;) But yeah, I've zeroed in on this new actress since the previews started playing. I like it that she is not toothpick thin -- yet. Something tells me she will never be that.

Kathy said...

Even her sweat looks sexy.

Shasta said...

Oh wow. Ewan McGregor would've had me going to this anyway, but now I'm really really in! Oh my.... Hot women who kick ass in a not-real-life way make me happy.
(also looking forward to sgalgg with Tina and Amy!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Snarks darling! I have just this minute handed my poor grandmother a *large* and a *very stiff* gin after she emerged bashed and bruised (her head very much held high though!) from some God awful little skirmish with a gang of "Despicably uncouth butch-hating little Napoleons!!!" over on the dreaded 'L Chat'...

Butch-hating Napoleons?!! WTF?!! Until last week I had no idea such a thing even existed! What is the world (not to mention the youth!) coming to???

Anyway, we both *highly appreciate* the tonic of today's Tank Top action! (And such a deliciously tasty tonic it is today Snarks darling!) Keep it up darling! Keep it up!!!

Fuck the fucking butch-hating little fascists to fucking HELL!!!

Oh, do excuse me!!! I forgot for a minute I was no longer on the damn ‘L Chat’!

PD or Perdita Durango (The Second) to friends and butch-haters alike!

PS What a sad sad world the world would be without the lovely butches! Besides, if my grandmother (Perdita Durango (The First), The Maquesa de Massana), had not been such a devastatingly dashing butch herself (she preferred the term “modern woman”)... Well, perhaps my other grandmother would not have been quite so taken with her, and perhaps I would not even be here?!!

Butch-haters? "Bally idiots!!!" as dear old granny would say!

PPS What? Yes of course she's dead! I just happen to have a friend who is one hell of a talented medium, that's all! :D

PPS For those who can stomach it, the skirmish in question:


Anonymous said...

PS 'Kilt Man' is indeed a straight man with a slightly unusual penchant for butches. He is also a dear dear friend! (Durango BS aside this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!) How dare those little fascists accuse him of being "insane"?!!

The bloody cheek of it!!!

*Calm down Durango! Calm down!!!*


Lucy Hallowell said...

It may not matter much if she can act. Stevn Soderburgh has a history of coaxing good performances from actresses who otherwise aren't in Meryl Streep's zip code (Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight)

Anonymous said...

PPS Good God, perhaps I made that gin a little too large and a little too stiff?!! The poor medium can no-longer stand!!! :/

Oh dear... Is there such a thing as a mediums' union? If so, you wouldn't happen to know if they sue people at all regularly???

J9 said...

I'm panting over here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Gina love!

She was "Crush" on American Gladiators way back when, and I've been following her ever since. It's a shame she lost her MMA title to a cheater, especially since she practically created womens MMA.


Suzanne Helen James said...


So it's Salt...or Columbiana. In the Wintertime. :)

But I'm also wondering why all the big time names around this chick. If there's nudity though, count me in. She's abstacular.

Amanda said...

I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of Gina Carano and have been following her fighting career for years, but I haven't seen or heard any announcement that she has officially retired. She did an interview recently in which she didn't get into any specifics. I'm hoping she still gets back in the ring.

AprilLove85 said...

I love this bitch. I've been referring to her as my wife since I saw her fight Jan Finney like 5 years ago. She was a pioneer for woman's MMA, but sadly got a lot of shit from other fighters for being so pretty, so it was always fun to later watch her kick those girl's asses.
How is it that a woman who gets punched in the face for a living looks like that? Seriously she could be miss america with that face and i'm pretty sure she could kill a man with just her thumbs.
And that body, holy hell i have never seen a woman before that was so toned and curvy at the same time.

She's just so dreamy :)

Jules said...

This post will be forwarded to my gf in the hope she caves and agrees to go to see Haywire with me...

jardindematatena@gmail.com said...

no se me hace chida esta morra! no aparece bien marcada, las bubbies no salen bien las fotos... lo rescatable son los brazos, y no mas!

Anonymous said...

get on gq.com she did a really hot photoshoot

Anonymous said...

Saw Haywire over the weekend.

Not a great film, the acting was ok. Seeing Mike, Ewan, Bill, Antonio etc... nice.

Fighting Gina check,
Sexy Gina check,
Gina running flat out to chase down the bad guy. Wow!
This is the image firmly placed in the happy part of my brain.