Friday, January 13, 2012

My Weekend Crush

So, remember when Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey were kicked off a Southwest flight for kissing? And we were all Rage! Indignation! Protest! That’s kinda hot! Because, let’s face it, the leading ladies of Uh Huh Her are kinda hot. All sorts of hot. And talented. And, yeah, hot. I’ve enjoyed Uh Huh Her’s seductive, melodic music from the start. Their sound is, for lack of a better word, sexy. I think “Explode” ranks among my favorite hook-up songs of all time. I’ve been a fan of Leisha’s music since before Alice Pieszecki was even a glimmer in Ilene Chaiken’s eye, when I found a Murmurs CD in the bargain bin and fell in love at first listen. But while Leisha has been out for ages, Camila only recently had an official coming out via Kissgate. So here we have this fantastic queer duo being fantastic together in public. Uh Huh Her made their national TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel this week. So now what we’ve known for years is being shared with the wider world, finally. And one would think they can only fall under their sexy spell as well. Well done, ladies. To celebrate, how about a kiss? What? It never hurts to ask. Happy weekend, all.


sarcofugus said...

I must admit, I have never heard their music, but now, after reading your very fantastic rave about Uh Huh, I am eager to err ... try them out. On second thought, that sentence ended up in a different place than where it started out. ;p

"And yeah, hot."

Hm, that pretty much sums it up. :)

Happy Weekend Ms. Snarker.

;) babs said...

nice song!
and is it just me or does Leisha look (even) better than ever?

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. I've never heard them before. Rock is not my first choice but; this was great.

Very talented. Why am I suprised??

Leisha was always great on tlw in spite of the horrible writing.

Good job girls. I hope you make it to the top and stay there.

Charli said...

I've loved these two for a couple years now. I agree about Explode, but I think my favorite is "Say So". It's just so darn sexy I can't stand it.

And yes yes, Leisha looks amazing. And I admit(as a fan of brunettes) that I'm a bit intrigued by Camilla. There's a hard but soft sexiness about her.

egghead said...

Whew, must watch Kimmel more.
Marstorm is a powerful song.
The name of the song reminds me of maelstrom?

Anonymous said...

Never actually heard their music. Thanks for the introduction.

Amanda said...

No one should play bass with a pick...sorry Leisha. But you know, glad they're doing their thing.


Anonymous said...

I would gladly forgo the kiss if they’d just hurry up and come out as Truthers! For God’s sake the beleaguered troops are in dire need of a boost darlings!

“Too bad your empire is falling
Don’t take us down while you’re sinking
The battle’s on, it just begun

This fight it kills us in a free fall
You take the innocence from people
I am compelled to go alone, now

Your breed, I’ve seen it with my own eyes
Now you made me your enemy
The battle’s on, get out your guns…”

A personal anthem of sorts,
‘Mystery Lights’:

“Billions of people, they have their reasons
No destination, just a slave to this prefect
They turn their back on you

And if everyone would just join hands,
I'll tell you something you would not believe
I see the signs, seen the writings on the wall
And baby I'm scared

All good people will try and fight
But what they don't know will kill them”

“No one will answer, we try to obey
So will you lead us in the right direction
We could be saved by you

We've been misguided by a shady plan
It's the demise of the modern man
Tell everybody that you've seen firsthand
And nature, she'll take her course.

All good people will try and fight
But what they don't know will kill us all…”

Please darlings, even if I am dead wrong leave me alone in my blissful misconstruction. We Truthers must find succour where we can…

PD (Forever sending out those blinkin’ warnings! :) )

PS Impeccable taste as ever Snarks darling! :D

Lana said...

Saw them live this past year - best show I've seen in ages. The Kimmel spot doesn't do it ANY justice. Love these ladies. Also, mad hotness. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! :D I really am dead wrong when it comes to Marstorm aren't I? (Tonight is my first listen. :) )

Still think I might be onto something with the other one though...


Anonymous said...

"Also mad hotness. Seriously."

Yes, there is that too. :D

I would so love to see them live. (You are very lucky darling!) I don't think they venture across this side of Atlantic terribly often though?


The Monkey said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this! She looks more awesome, if that is possible, than she did when she was in the L Word!