Monday, January 30, 2012

Fight through it

Hey, remember when I interviewed Zoie Palmer and she was lovely and charming and gracious and everything you’d ever hoped for? Me too! But, as I touched on ever so briefly in the interview, she’s also a bunch of other things. Funny, that’s one of them. But we all knew that already. But also badass. Yes, badass. Sure, on “Lost Girl” her skills are mostly confined to looking great in a lab coat and occasionally poking someone with a needle. But when she guested on “Nikita,” she got to show us some of her other skills. I know it’s probably wrong on every level, but watching Zoie and Maggie Q beat the shit out of each other is all kinds of hot. Hello, Monday. Now isn’t that a nice kick in the ass? Well, actually, the head.

p.s Reminder, I’m all “Lost Girl” all the time right now at AfterEllen. Season 2 SnapCaps run Tuesdays and Season 1 Rewind SnapCaps run Wednesdays. Check them out and play along, if you feel so inclined.


Shade said...

I'm trying, I'm trying. But I tell you it's difficult without Hotpants. SOB!
Hurry back... I promise to be good. I adore Bo, but I adore the 2 of them together even more..... "something fierce" as Captain Tightpants would say.
And really, this 'rebound guy' has to go.

Speaking so much of pants, how about an edition of pants to go with the tank tops. That would make this (yet another) hiatus so much easier to bear!

Once again, you nailed what's been foremost on my mind. Kudos!

shade said...

.... and did I mention what a nice photo of MY Hotpants you uploaded there? That eyes, that smile.... *swoons*

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but when is SMASH gonna get the SNARKER treatment?

-@^@- said...

I suggest you also track down the episode of "Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures" in which ZP plays a policewoman. It's on YouTube at and I've also posted a few gifs from the ep on my tumblr. It is truly marvellous!

maya said...

Oh my gosh, I giggled the entire time. (Maybe it was the only way I could handle watching Dr. Hotpants get thrown down a flight of stairs.)

Thanks, Snarker; I needed something to get me through these long, cold Lauren-less nights.

@ -@^@- I don't know if I like seeing Zoie be douchey, but it was worth it for "you know, I can't decide whether I wanna fuck him...or fuck him up."

egghead said...

Oh Nikita. Nikita's story is so compelling. I've always loved Nikita -- and she never loses a fight! In fact, if one is smart, and wants very much to live, one would just walk away before it begins. In fact the very name "Nikita" invokes dread and angst in everyone in this story. They know it will be nearly impossible to defeat her. Yet they keep going back time after time, over and over . . . wishfully thinking

Anonymous said...

Darling, as you recall, the last time I "played along" I got a big old Canadian slap right across my face!

So, it's all the same to you, I think I might sit this one out for now?



Anonymous said...

I am having Lauren withdrawal symptoms. Please LG, bring her back!!
We are going to have to brave it through!