Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bouncing bundle of B

And on the seventh day of the year 2012, it was said that a savior was born. A child of such pedigree its very presence could bring peace and prosperity to our planet. For behold and bow before Blue Ivy Carter. OK, fine, I don’t really care that much that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s über baby has arrived. But I like Beyoncé. And I like Jay-Z. And we all know their baby girl will be President of the United States in 35 years. So, you know, it never hurts to start sucking up early. Also, if little Blue is anywhere near as talented as her mama and papa, well, perhaps the world is truly blessed after all. Welcome, Tiny B. I know no one likes to hear this about a parent, but, damn, your mom is hot like fire. LIKE FIRE.

p.s. Yes, this is the only kind of math I truly like.
p.p.s. And yes, this is yet another song off my mix tape. Apparently I will not stop until I’ve written about every last number.


sarcofugus said...

President in 35 years *wink* Damn straight.

Tiny B is such a cute nickname ;)

And "LIKE FIRE?" Mhm ... Yep. Totally.

egghead said...

I don't approve of fetishizing celebs to the point of hysteria. And that's what I saw in the media the other day?! OMG. I don't follow either artist, nor their baby bump now B. Perhaps I should, but.

It is hard to WATCH Beyonce. She IS fire. That is what she is selling ---> omg, have mercy child, have mercy.

I'm more the "piano&avoice" admirer. Anyway, pour the ice now.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that piece in the nytimes about how they paid to take over a wing of the hospital and their security detail blocked other mothers' access to the nursery and their own babies? Yup. Gross.

J9 said...

don't really care about this - but did you SEE Tina Fey's 30 Rock clip in her bra??? Hellllooooo????

Carmen SanDiego said...

Beyonce is now officially a MILF

Anonymous said...

yeah, i find the whole thing disgusting. these people are buying their baby gold rocking horses for 100,000s of thousands of dollars. tiffany rattles. there are people starving in the words and then there are these idiots.

Sean C said...

Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter will marry one of Brad and Angelina's children, and the child of that union shall shine pure celestial light.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at Carmen and Sean.

And yep, Beyonce is delicious!

Anonymous said...

It was quite disturbing to see that JZ was on National news singing the song he wrote for his baby.It was very deep and went something like "I had a baby, she's really pretty." Come on. This is the dumbing down of America. The commentator said trying not to laugh. "It only took him two days to write the song." We are in conflicts all over the world and we have a March of the mad republican trolls happening and this crap is on national news?

Beebee said...

I'm glad I've been under a rock and missed all this.

Anonymous said...

Bah humbug! I wish those Illuminati worshipping talentless sell-out dirtbags would just take a bloody hike! Someone should try and rescue the poor child though.

“Are you intimating they may be unfit as parents PD?”

I fear so darlings… I fear so…

For some decent (and intelligent!) American hip hop (is Jay-Z classed as hip hop? Who knows?! Who bloody cares?! :D ), please check out the wonderful Immortal Technique!
Yet another personal anthem of sorts:

PD (It is most definitely ON muthafuckas! :D )

PS You know darlings an old DJ friend of mine said he *knew* LA was going to go up in smoke in the early 90s because of the rage filled sentiments he heard coming through the underground rap scene… Listen to the likes of Immortal and Dead Prez – are we hearing the distant early rumblings of the Second American Civil War? The last great heroic armed struggle against the NWO?!! (If we are, we know which side Jay-fucking-Z is going to be on at any rate…)

“’till the Rockefeller laws get better, we all trapped in ‘hood…”

“These the last days!!!”

You said it brother. :/