Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pillow queen

Well, as long as the theme this week seems to be kick-ass women, why not carry that to its ultimate scenario. Think a pillow fight is just good girlie fun? Think again. Also, I kind of feel like doing this to my Wednesday. So much to so, so little time to kick ass. Enjoy.

p.s. Any week I get to post Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez in tank tops is a good, good week.


Lucy Hallowell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucy Hallowell said...

wow. what's up typos?
M-Rod. If you don't want people to think you're a lesbian then wearing a tank top under another tank top might not be the best disguise. Nothing says lady love like layered tank tops.

Carmen SanDiego said...

God, I love M-Rod

Kim said...

Isn't the redhead the same actress Cameron tied into a knot in TSCC?
And Michelle Rodriguez in a tank top... Enough said!

Gina Ray said...

omg.. that was the best... lol

Lucy Hallowell said...

Not that anyone cares but I meant typos in my original comment (which I removed) not a crack at the writing in the post. Just realized I sounded like a douche without the other comment (with its plethora of typos) there

Anonymous said... the greatest thing i have ever seen. it was pillow "fight club" with hot chicks. i need to go back to college and join that sorority. LOL even though i am a guy

Anonymous said...

Snarks darling the blackout was YESTERDAY!!! I know you love to fashionably late and everything but-

Unless… Unless… Darling is everything alright????

Those ruddy little Napoleons haven’t gone and kidnapped you or anything???

Anxiously yours,


Anonymous said...

for some reason:

ravenwoodwriter said...

This is inexplicably disturbing and creepy to me, actually...I'm kinda stunned. Usually, I have no trouble aligning wavelengths with the glorious Ms. Snarker, but this one was a complete miss for me. I think that probably just means that I am too old, and not nearly cool enough. :)