Monday, August 02, 2010

Stealth bomb(shells)

So last week during the TCAs one of the big “reveals” was that Sara Gilbert is gay. Of course, it wasn’t really a reveal. She’s been quietly out for years. She has a partner, they have kids, the whole nine. So it’s kind of a duh. But in another way, it’s also a reminder. Sara is one of those stars I always blank on the fact that they’re gay. She’s a stealth gay. Not that she is being stealthy about it, not in the least. But for whatever reason I always forget, at first, that she is family. There are actually quite a few celebrities that fall into that category for me. And that means I don’t write about them that often. Well, no more. I’ve taken my Ginkgo Biloba, so let’s celebrate at the stealth celesbians among us.

Sara Gilbert, The TalkI’m not sure if I’ll watch her new all-mom talk show, but I do think she is one cool mom.

Kirsten Vangsness, Criminal MindsI’m actually kind of mad at Kristen because she is going to be on both Criminal Minds and the new Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior. Which means, because I love little punky Penelope Garcia so much, I’ll have to add yet another show to my overflowing schedule.

Jasika Nicole, FringeHer character is so cute with Walter. Seriously, they could do a whole sitcom together.

Heather MatarazzoSome think of her as the Merkin, but she’ll always be Weinerdog to me. But either way, she sure looks good with her fiancée (or is it wife now, anyone know?)

Tracy ChapmanI hear she’s been stealth dating Guinevere Turner, too. Sneaky, sneaky.

Saffron Burrows, Law & Order: Criminal IntentSpeaking of stealthy, I don’t know if she is still with Fiona Shaw, but I certainly hope so.


Anonymous said...

sarah paulson's my favourite stealth gay

Kathryn said...

Oooh yes, Sarah Paulson is a great stealth gay. Speaking of Saffron Burrows and Fiona Shaw, I'm quite sure they're not together anymore: I believe Shaw mentioned being happily single in an interview a while ago.

Anonymous said...

I only found out today that Kim Dickens of Treme and Deadwood fame is apparently together with her partner Jill Sobule for years and I have to confess my heart jumped a little at that thought. Does she count as a stealth gay?

Anonymous said...

Ellen Page is a stealth gay. Okay, fine, so she hasn't come out in Hollywood yet, but she's totally been dating women and having them flown out to her while she works. Stealth. Gay.

Anonymous said...

Cool post. It's nice to know that some people in the acting business can still live a normal life without having their sex life plastered on the front page of tabloids.

Oh and Ellen Page? Not gay. She might be dating lucky women but she's also dated Ben Foster for quite some time and he's not a woman at all lol

Gracie said...

When I think of Heather Matarazzo, I think of the Princess Diaries. And then I think about Lily and Mia being gay together. And then I get all tingly inside...:)

Anonymous said...

No, Ellen Page is TOTALLY gay. And she denied dating Ben Foster, saying, "I don't know how that rumor got started."

So, not technically a stealth gay, because she's not out. But gay nonetheless.

tita adorno said...

BAM!!! Ellen IS GAY!! :D on another note...lets try to really dig deep on Kim Dickens.. so, is she really GAY, BI, LES, out somewhere in real life????