Monday, August 30, 2010

Grassroots lesbianism

Mary-Louise Parker - Vanity Fair 2010

I would officially like to declare this the launch of the “People In Support of Nancy Botwin Embracing Lesbianism” grassroots letter-writing campaign. Yep, the line forms here. Get your pens, get your paper, get your stamps. This is where it starts. We are all going to write into Showtime right this very second to make this happen because Mary-Louise Parker said so. I am very obedient when it comes to these matters. Obsequious, even.

But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself a tad. I can’t help it, what with the excitement. Mary-Louise Parker is talking about embracing lesbianism and I’m rushing the punchline. Let’s back up and talk about how this soon-to-be groundswell of public support began. You see, Mary-Louise did an interview with Vanity Fair. In said interview she talks about many things: never having smoked pot, once having sucked on a pot lollipop, why smart people want to fuck her, why dumb people also probably want to fuck her, why Nancy Botwin likes to fuck rough, how fame is fucked up and not knowing who the fuck Bill O’Reilly is but thinking he “probably comes from a nuclear family and didn’t get enough attention as a child.” God, I fucking love her.

Amid all of that, she also talked about the trailer for the sixth season which featured Mary-Louise offering Linda Hamilton a very personalized down payment, ahem, in exchange for some product. When the interviewer asks if Nancy would be getting any lady action this season, she responds:

MLP: Yeah, yeah, I hear you. But no, that’s not happening. It’s just something they put in the trailer because it’s funny, but it doesn’t actually happen. It’s not a bad idea though. I’ve always thought that Nancy should have sex with a woman. It’d be good for her.

VF: Would it help if we started a letter-writing campaign?

MLP: Like a grassroots sort of thing? Yeah, we should do it. “People In Support of Nancy Botwin Embracing Lesbianism.” Right on.

You heard the woman. Get writing.


Anonymous said...

Hey babe this lesbian thing is not a light switch, you can't turn off your feelings women are what i think about but once in while being with a guy is not bad at all they are by any standard also God's creatures.We should treat them as such even though we are superior.
Luv u all

Anonymous said...

I would venture to write that things never: "Just Happen."

If there was som ethin in a scene alluding to lesbianism then it goes without saying that it will be an issue in upcoming episodes. Nothing is rvrt put in a teleplay and then just dropped without folloup. Is it is then it's crappy writing and I had enough of that with that debacle called the "Real L Word."

Now since I watchj all of the episodes onle (For Free BTW), IK can wait to see how this story-arc turns out.

MormonLesbian said...

Mary Louise Parker does love her gays. She got that award and was on Cat on the Prowl once.

dearg said...

Gosh that dress seems awful drafty. Where can I get one?

Anonymous said...

I have loved her for so long (MLP that is).

cee-cee said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ms.Snarker, usually your wish is my command, but I'm having a hard time responding to your suggestion. I, too, have loved MLP since "Fried Green Tomatoes", but that's just it--'loved THAT character, "Weeds" ( of late), not so much. Plus I concur with "Anonymous"; an honest-to-goddess meaningful lesbian story line/arc I'd support in a nano second. Just another slam-bang titilation? No thanks! 'Been there, 'seen that (waaaay too often), and have shredded the tee-shirt!

Anonymous said...

That picture just looks photoshopped.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wanted it to happen. Especially after this conversation

Celia: (Whining) "Have you ever had sex with a woman?"
Nancy: "None of your business."
Celia: "Oh come on, tell me..."
Nancy: "Ok, I slept with a woman in college once."
Celia: "How was it?"
Nancy: "Boring"
Celia: "Well maybe you didn't do it right."
Nancy: "She said it was the best she'd ever had."
Celia: "What are you doing Friday Night?"

vrgriffith said...

writing the letter now!