Friday, August 20, 2010

My Weekend Crush

Guinevere Turner was the first out lesbian celebrity I ever had a crush on. Which is another reason I’ll always have a soft, smooshy place in my heart for “Go Fish.” Yes, the acting was bad. Yes, the dialog was stilted. But it, too, was a first. The first lesbian movie I rented and watch and rewatch. And then there was Guin. Beautiful, funny, sexy, gay Guin. That hair, that smile. Fucking hell, those cheekbones. Her career has been an interesting mix of projects, from high profile to avant guard. She seems to know and have worked with every lesbian in the business, possibly the planet. Also, kuddos on her relationship with Tracy Chapman. Now that is one hot couple. And through it all she has been out, proud, unapologetic, inspiring. It makes a difference when you know someone is gay from the start. It did for me. It made my crush on her more real, tangible and in only the strictest anatomical, physiological sense, possible. Like, she was gay – maybe she could like me, too? Hey, stranger things have happened. I mean, she propositioned the hell out of that cabbie on “Taxicab Confessions.” Oh, Guin, because of you the line “I have kind of an urge to see you naked,” might actually work on me. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

"... and your husband would never know..." great video!

Lyn said...

Hard to resist a drunk/cute lesbian in a cab. I bet if they wouldn't have been on Taxicab confessions she would have went upstairs with her lol

Fuzzbucket said...

Adorable vid, but still not right to suggest infidelity, even if the person being cheated on is a man. How incensed would we all be if the cab driver was a man and he suggested she cheat on her girlfriend with him? Too often we have double standards.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm ..... this is *hot* in a very intoxicating .... delicieux Mademoiselle Snarker ... :)

Anonymous said...

in a very intoxicating way , j'étais troublée , pardon ... :)

Anonymous said...

I luv this video,She is so beauty!!

Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you~
for today's posting, ds,

I think the movie you posted
kind of show like
reality show, is it?
you know they wrote the script,
how they're supposed act, but should look
realistic, somewhat, not related the posting but
I heard yesterday someone talks like that style,
ah,, so that person drunk at the moment saying
something? It was radio, okay, good to know.

thank you for the posting always,
and love you, you love me or not,
but won't bother when you say stop whatever~

great day Ds!!

Anonymous said...

damn that video was hot.. I should've been driving cabs in NY at the time ;)

Anonymous said...

Guinevere is now my new crush! amazing video. wish a beautiful woman would come on to me like that : )

jetgirl said...

A couple of my favorite parts:
Guin: I kind of have an urge to see you naked.

Cabbie: What?

Guin: Nothing...

Guin: Is it because you're married?
Cabbie: No, it's not that. I've working.

Didn't Guin Turner write an article about this? Also, is it legal and binding if a person was drunk when she signed the release form?

T said...

ok...if some hot girl used that line on me it would take me about 61 seconds to accept the offer....the first 30 would be spent looking around to see who she was REAlly talking to and the last 29 tweeting everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

As DS said another day... that's what my dreams dream of when they dream...

Does Guin still live in NY, or in SF?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really jogged my memory - I actually remember seeing that on Taxicab Confessions, way back when, and dubbed Guin's part out onto another VHS tape on which I had all my gay and lesbo stuff. Hard to believe all that used to fit on a couple of long play tapes. Yay for the 90s. Yay for Guin!

vrgriffith said...

I remember seeing this video. All I could think of was how embarrassing- I have been this intoxicated before.Can you imagine if one of your less stellar moments was recorded and broadcast.

I hope Guin got a story or some dialogue out of it.

The beautiful can be forgiven almost anything.

Beth said...

I am laughing out loud at this, but at the same time also strangely titillated. It's kind of awkward and hot.

the ravaj said...

and what do you think?!


firewomyn said...

wow! such a turn on! :)

Becky said...

Wow. I used have bit of a crush on her too, but it is very much erased since seeing this. I'm kind of grossed out by her ideas on relationships and her lechery, even though the cab driver is supposed to be married.

I agree with vrgriffith, how embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

I remember taping this and watching it over and over again when I was coming out to myself. I was always fascinated by her description of "boys" being "simple." That really resonated with me at the time. Wow, this was a blast from the past for sure. I agree with the yay for the 90's!