Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rizzoli & the Isles of Lesbos

Hey, did you catch that show last night where, yes, there was some sort of horrible murder happened but mostly it was just a chance for Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander to insanely flirt with one another? I know I did. And I know many of you did, too, because you all joined in on the #RizzKissedAGirl live tweet-up of the Very Special Lesbian “Rizzoli & the Isles of Lesbos” episode last night. I’ve made a full, exhaustive recap of all the intense eye contact, ridiculous rack ogling and disappointingly chaste neck nuzzling over at AfterEllen today. But, as promised, I’m going to let your own tweets help tell the story.

So, how gay was the episode you ask? I’ve give it one tick below a full-blown Jane Lynch.Having Maura and Jane double-date is clearly just an excuse for them to play footsie under the table.Straight women go to the bathroom in pairs to talk about girls. Gay women go to the bathroom in pairs to make out.Well this is just a true fact.She is whispering it because she doesn’t want people to know about the one they used together last night. Clearly.Well, that or the profile picture they’re using to make them look like Angie Harmon is actually from 1993.If they do, I need to start getting friendlier with more straight girls.Again, just a true fact.This is just what I’d call a happy accident all around.See, this is why you always go straight for the mouth, people. You never know when your hot date could be surreptitiously trying to collect your DNA.Oh, and one more thing, courtesy the lovely Feromoon. This, my friends, is what I’d call a genuine “come to Jesus” moment.

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vrgriffith said...

This episode was so epically gay! My generation had to suffer waiting each week for the next Cagney and Lacey episode.This show is just so thoroughly entertaining: the bed scenes, the boob watching, the "cover yourself up" protectiveness, the "looks". I could wax eternal. Sigh.

I find this show so entertaining I can almost forgive Angie Harmon or the producers obvious pandering to lesbians, bi-curious women and het male's obsessive curiosity about all things lesbian.

I find this show so engaging I can even look past the pedestrian writing because .. I mean.. come on!

Awesome twitter session.

Noe if only Covert Affairs was as engaging. I am really struggling.


Gay and gayer!...I confess, I had never seen the show until last night...WOW!...I never realized how butch Angie Harmon is...well done!

Kathryn said...

I watched that little clip thing at the end of the post about a dozen times. Mmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

it seems.
should I comments something..
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Norma Desmond said...

They have GOT to be doing this intentionally. This is reaching, like, a Xena and Gabrielle: the Early Years level of subtext here.

Anonymous said...

I feel kind of lost
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but what about something cool and kind of
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butch and fem is also not that sounds like
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Anonymous said...

When Isles was pointing out the positive points of having sex, that look on Rizzoli's face... yeah, she was NOT thinking of having sex with Lesbian Yoga Guy, she was thinking of having sex with Isles. Thiiihii

And yeah, that "straight" guy they hooked up with Rizzoli only made her look even gayer. He was like a male lezzie. I mean really, a male nurse and wants to be a stay-at-home dad?! Leave it to Isles to set up Rizzoli with what was basically a male version of herself.

And that face Rizzoli made when Isles told her she wasn't her type?! HA! Rizzoli SO wants to be Isles' type :D

The "disguise" thing was hilarious. Oh Isles, Rizzoli doesn't need a disguise to a lesbian bar to blend in and look gay. She already looks, walks and talks SUPER DUPER gay already. So no need for a disguise.

Good lord this show is the gayest show EVER and it's funny as all hell. Who knew Angie Harmon had such a great comic timing and was such a goofball?! And her with Sasha Alexander - golden.

I don't care if they never go there, this ... whatever this is - subtext/maintext/whatever-friggin'-screen-scorching-chemistry - is just too much fun to miss whatever it is. LOVE IT!

JadedRogue said...

we missed it because i was in the ER last night - but we are going to watch it tonight! i swear, is angie harmon gay friendly? anyone know?

lookatthestar said...

LMAO! This post is hilarious! I've watched it and obviously I'm still watching it because of the gayness! If its for their crime solving storyline, oh god this show fail big time! Like come freakin on! Make it official already, from episode one till now, its soooo effing gay, so GAY!

PS: I couldn't agree more with The Linster's Twit! Haha

Anonymous said...

Am I so pathetic that I sit through this show on the edge of my seat hoping for them to hook up? The writers are selling gay to me, without having to call it a GAY show, and I am pathetically buying all of it.
I spent my time waiting for Cagney to do Lacey.....Jo to do Blair....Thelma to do Louise....and feeling sick because Idgy never kissed Ruth (at least on film).
Ellen and Portia got married. Rosie, Jodie and Melissa got married, had kids and divorced. Neil P. Harris is having twins with his partner. Livin' La Vida Loca finally fell out of the closet. DUDE! I no longer have to sit around a'wishin' and a'hopin' and being disappointed this lesbian relationship exists on hints alone.
Rizzoli and Isles....jump in and swim or leave the beach and go home. I don't give a damn. I'm going to go for a jog and try to pick up that neighbor woman with the thumb ring and ball cap that coincidentally always walks her 2 labs at the same time I jog. I have a feeling she likes to swim.

Natalie said...

if only i could pretend angie harmon didn't grow up 5 miles from my house in one of the most conservative areas in texas... that whole being a super republican thing makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

i've loved sasha alexander ever since her dawsons creek days...
its great to see her in this show
so so so happy!!!
thanks dorothy!

Anonymous said...

It's not gay and wishful thinking and projection won't make it gay.

Anonymous said...

Got agree with Norma Desmond, this is intentional. I mean Harmon didn't just glance at Alexander's boobs, she had a deep, meaningful conversation with them. Angie Harmon! I'm shocked!

Oh, and Anonymous? Sorry, hon, but you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not wrong, I just don't let every producer in hollywood jerk me around with suggestion.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Okay...I "watched" the show last night. That is to say, I listened while multitasking and looked up for good bits, and rewound occasionally. Dang it, I need to pay closer attention! I totally missed Rizzoli eyeball to breast with Isles!!! Thanks for posting the replay...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello to all!
Awesome episode and chemistry! But there is a possibility that we will have another "pregnant-bian":
"Sasha Alexander Expecting Second Child
11 August 2010 1:30 PM, PDT | People - CelebrityBabies | See recent People - CelebrityBabies news »
Amy Graves/Getty
No mystery to solve here — there’s a baby on the way for Rizzoli & Isles star Sasha Alexander.
The actress and her husband, writer/director Edoardo Ponti, are expecting their second child, her rep tells People exclusively.
Alexander, 37, and Ponti — who is the son of screen legend Sophia Loren — wed in Aug. 2007 in Switzerland.
She currently stars opposite Angie Harmon on the new TNT series based upon Tess Gerritsen’s popular novels.
– Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman"

Anonymous said...

In the light of those coincidenses...why when there is a telefilm story about a lesbian couple or 2 women who feel very attracted each to other, always in the long run one of the two actresses gets pregnant? To consolidate the relation with her husband/boyfriend because they feels menaced by the blossoming feelings for the other actress? Or because she doesn't want to accept that she is a lesbian/bi too and wants to prove it with the most eterosexual thing ever (for now)? Or there are other reasons? What do you think?
In any case, lesbian movie roles encourage the demographic grow and this isn't a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

God I love this show.

I love it because the banter between these ladies reminds me of my best friend and I, in the greatest platonic love i've ever found... they really are good for each other, and I like the fact that they probably won't ever hook up because it keeps the balance of them not munting up their friendship... but also toys with the audience in the same way 'classics' like JAG did.

That being said, thank fuck that this show has locked in the gay lady support early, because I am guaranteed a steady stream of femslash!!

And boy, Sasha A is a FOX.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dottie my bestest bosom buddie...
the link you placed to the Lesbian United Safe Haven is kaput. it's http://feromoon.info

Anonymous said...

Every time I come to check for a new post (and I do that at least a few times a day), and the first thing I see is 'that boob-stare'...well, it makes me really happy. So, Dorothy, it's OK if you don't post for a little while.

Anonymous said...

*shaking head* you think Sasha got pregnant because she's in love with Angie Harmon? Delusion knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Ok, wow! This show is uber gay! I wonder, what if I show a couple of episodes to my straight friends - will they also see the extreme chemistry between Rizzoli and Isles? Or is it just us? And Angie Harmon - come on! I'm developing a crush and it sucks! I can't even read or watch and interview with her without rolling my eyes

Advizor said...

OK, so I'm on the road and the Hotel TV is on a random channel and Rizolli comes on. Did you SEE Angie Harmon in that running outfit in the marathon story? Something about revenge, what ever, but did you SEE ANGIE HARMON IN THAT RUNNING OUTFIT?

Be still my thumping.... um... heart.