Monday, August 16, 2010

Sorry I am

They say love means never having to say you’re sorry. But that’s an enormous crock of shit. Love means always having to say you’re sorry, and if you’re lucky, being forgiven anew each time. What the fairy tales seldom say is what happens after all that riding off into the sunset. Because after you do win the girl, it’ll be your ability to apologize for everything from life’s little annoyances to life’s colossal fuck-ups that will actually allow you to keep the girl. (Helpful Hint: Crying never hurts.)

I finally got a chance to finish Season 4 of “Skins” over the weekend and, woo doogie, that was big slice of holy hell. (Spoiler Alert: Skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t finished Season 4, or you ever plan to – which should be all of you who haven’t already. Seriously.) OK, first of all, they Chaikened Freddie? It’s just… I don’t… And then… BASEBALL BAT. Also, don’t the British play cricket? I can’t even get into the insane intricacies of how this show about the outrageous slings and arrows of being a teenager in the tenth year of the 21st Century turned into some sort of mad midnight slasher flick. All I can say is, oh my God, they killed Freddie!

Right, but back to what we were talking about, which was saying you’re sorry. Movies and TV tend to be a good job of showing the grand romantic gesture. Cymbals, fireworks, screaming about wankers on the top of a cab. But the raw, oozing innards that make up a really good apology, well, that’s tricky. Yet, when done right that release of one’s pride, that admission of one’s failing, that acceptance of pain caused, that acknowledgment of pain felt, that promise to do right, try harder, be better – all of that can be more beautiful than a moonlit kiss atop the Eiffel Tower. Which is just a very long way of saying that Naomi’s apology to Emily just might be my favorite apology ever committed to screen.

Thinking about “Skins” makes me think about my other favorite show about teenagers, “My So-Called Life.” Which, in turn, had its own rather spectacular apology by way of classroom note and Cyrano de Bergerac.

These sorrys serve as a reminder that the best apologies are, in their own way, grand romantic gestures. But this time, you know how high the stakes are and exactly what could be lost. Which also makes them that much more important.


allgood2 said...

Clips from two of my favorite shows ever! Both absolutely rocking apologies. Though, after some time, Naomi's stands out for me, since it was her, all her, and all those secret admissions. Some were hinted at yeah, but that, "I loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you. I think I was 12…" whooaa… That flayed me.

The thing I remember the most about the "My So Called Life" apology though, was how painful it was that it wasn't Jordan. The letter was just so beautiful and perfect; and how much it must have hurt to give it to someone else to get the girl you want.

heather anne hogan said...

It turns me on so much when you write about Skins. Now I've told you, OK? Now you know.

uncouthheathen said...

What the fuck is Skins and WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT? Jesus Christ.

DJ Shiva. said...

Wow. I have only seen a few scenes from Skins and that apology makes me want to see them all.

That was bloody fantastic and gutwrenching and what the HELL was I thinking watching it from work because now I am crying.


Kathryn said...

I still haven't seen Skins, but will get to it eventually, and in the meantime, this is a powerful post. Love the recent/current variety on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I was so moved by Naomi's apology, it really was the best thing about season 4, i was so disappointed with the season, it just didnt live up to season3 at all,the writing..what happened?? But yes, Naomily's final scene was fantastic.

Barbara said...

Your post a few weeks ago about the first six episodes of season three was what finally pushed me to get off my ass and give Skins a chance, so I'd just like to say: THANKS!

What a gorgeous (albeit occasionally preposterous - poor Freddy!) and wonderful character-driven show. I've now watched every episode from all four seasons -- some of the naomily ones several times. It's been a long time since I've fallen this hard for a show or a couple, and it's been lovely to go online and read what you (and Heather Hogan and Rophy!) have to say about it.

Slightly more on topic: GUH. Yes. Naomi's apology is just . . . Lily Loveless kills me there.

Jennifer said...

I loved "My So-Called Life." What a wonderful show. And so queer so long ago.

Anonymous said...

Naomi's apology, seriously, the best i have ever ever seen! I discovered the series a week ago, f*cking amazing!

Naomily, great storyline, characters (hear that IC?), unbelievable acting!!

Anonymous said...

"When we got together it scared the shit out of me because you were the one person who could ruin my life"

Such a powerfull line and so true...

I love Skins