Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yeah, suck it, I do read the paper

First Liz Lemon, now Padma Lakshmi. Who says newspapers are dead? Watching Padma extol the virtues of reading (that'd be the online version of the dead tree edition for you old media adverse) makes me want to hug my morning newspaper close. Also, that's totally the outfit I like to read my morning paper in, too. Um, hello. Seriously, I've solved the problem of the downturn in newspaper readership. Just have Padma show up once at every subscriber's house in a low-cut dress to read the paper aloud while lounging seductively on the couch. Talk about your extra, extra read all about it. Other lovely ladies featured in the New York Times' Conversations campaign include Cynthia Nixon, Bebe Neuwirth and Lynn Redgrave.

I have to say, I've been enjoying the shit out of this season of “Top Chef” so far. It's not just because no obviously insufferable asshat has emerged (Stefan is more cockyhat than asshat, Fabio ands his accent are too damn entertaining to be asshats and Daniel, well, the jury is still out on Daniel), but because it seems genuinely focused on the food. (OK, fine, they made hotdogs once. That was dumb.) But, hell, even Ariane seems to have pulled it together. And the preview for tonight's episode makes me giggle more with each repeated viewing. Stefan has a crush on Jamie? He gives her things? Oh Stefan, Stefan. Quick, someone, what's the Finnish word for “lesbian?” Something must be getting lost in translation. Something like reality.

Come dish with me at my “Top Chef” mini-caps at AfterEllen every Thursday. And, of course, there is plenty of mmm, Padma, mmm.


;)) babs said...

dear ms. snarker,
slowly but surely you'll have to decide:
tina or padma?

;)) babs

Anonymous said...

FYI, Finnish word for "lesbian" is "lesbo"...

pyewacket said...

Ummm...once I saw the pic of Padma...I kind of stopped paying attention to the words you wrote. I kind of got distracted. lol

And I am not even sure exactly what Padma is talking about in the my eyes and mind wandered a lot.

As a child, I was an avid newspaper reader for many years. And not just one newspaper...but 2 local at least one NYC paper. I had to know what was going on in the city.

It was how I started my day.

But the chemicals from the print are not my friend and kick up my allergies these days.

Though I would roll around nekked on newspapers if Padma liked to get kinky like that.

I am liking this season so much better too. Lack of asshats is a good thing...though I am not liking the flirting I think I am seeing between Padma and Fabio.

I am hoping the season ends with a nice flurry where they travel to some place hot where Padma wears a tiny swimsuit.

And I am looking forward to Stefan getting schooled in the definition of a lesbian...though I cannot blame him for the crush.

PS...and as long as you are not in NYC...sitting across the table from both Tina...and Padma...both of them offering a night you will never forget...I don't think you will EVER have to pick between the two!


Anonymous said...

In Finland lesbians are called "lepakko" too, which is a more fluent word in Finnish and a nickname for "lesbo". Because most of us are unfamiliar when speaking those soft consonants like B. "Lepakko" means bat too.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I too am loving the new season of TC! Jamie is great, as is Carla. Actually, personality-wise, I'd have to say that I enjoy Carla and Fabio the most.
As for the cooking...there seems to be a lot of talent in this batch of cheftestants and the tiniest slip up will send you packing. I'm a tiny bit worried that they're showing so much of Jamie in the promo for tonight's episode because when they show someone a lot, they usually get the ax.

let me dance said...

i was fun today.
good night ds.
anyway what's goin on?
whatever good luck!

Anonymous said...

lesbo, lepakko or just "jokulespo".