Friday, December 19, 2008

My Weekend Crush

When Amy Poehler first announced that she was leaving “Saturday Night Live,” she said that it would be “Boyz II Men hard” to say goodbye to her seven years of yesterdays on the show. But bye she said and hard it was when Amy bid adieu last weekend to her fellow Not Ready for Primetime Players. What made Amy such a great fit on SNL was her total willingness to do whatever it took for a laugh. Her tenure at the Weekend Update desk included the first-ever all-female anchor team with the her partner-in-hilarity Tina Fey. Tina was the nerdy girl yin, to Amy's silly girl yang. Smart, energetic and even a little wicked when called for, Amy has a humor that is both physical and uninhibited.

I can't help but giggle at the thought of her hopping along as one-legged (and gassy) model Amber. Her turn as “Project Runway” winner and catchphraseologist Christian Siriano was fierce hotness. I searched in vain for hours trying to find the Weekend Update clips of her taking today's starlets to task for, um, flashing their deforested lady business all over town. To quote her ever-sage advice: “You need hair down there! It’s a backup system for underwear!” Shit, we haven't even talked about the mad brilliance that was her Sarah Palin rap.

Still as sad as I am that I won't see her every weekend anymore, I am heartened by the fact that come April we'll still be able to catch her on TV every week . Amy will star in a new documentary-style sitcom from the producers of “The Office.” If you can't wait that long, catch her now on her girl (as in actual little girls) power online series “Smart Girls at the Party.” During her time on SNL she has helped prove that “funny feminist” is not an oxymoron. So thanks for all the laughs, Amy. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

OT: Happy 45th B-Day to Jennifer Beals aka Bette Porter, my weekend and weekday crush. DS, Don't you have a little pic of JB in a tank top archived away?

Hot damn that woman is damn hot! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amy was one of the few reasons I watched SNL. Thank goodness for Kristin Wigg. She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

she's adorable, its sad that she's leaving SNL. but hopefully there is a lot in store for her in the future!

Anne said...

Snarker, you're gettin a little sappy on us...

Unknown said...

She's my crush, I say!
You so copy me!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget her other kids' series The Mighty B!

let me dance said...

um..i was so hungry whole day.. knee..o..o~~

so the point is that
i can't understand today's post.
i guess my mind jump out of me.(-_-)

even though i didn't eat anything,
now i'm~~~~
drinking!! (^-^)/

i missed you a lot ds,
see you.

Heather said...

I'm not going to lie - I STILL watch the Palin video at least 3 times a week. Never fails to start my day off right!

Esther Greenwood said...

and she was GREAT in 'baby mama' with tina fey!!

Bianca Reagan said...

Hooray for Amy! She's so cool.