Thursday, December 18, 2008

All the news that's fit to Vogue

Vogue - Rachel Maddow

You know what's sexier than a girl reporter? Well, a woman reporter, naturally. And what's sexier than a woman reporter? Oh, you know where this is going. Hello, Rachel Maddow. America's (nay the world's) favorite lesbian reporter got the Vogue treatment along with her fellow newswomen Katie Couric and Campbell Brown. For a magazine that prides itself on the glorification of human coat racks wearing outlandish-looking and outrageous-costing frocks, these three ladies look damn respectable. In fact, they look fantastic.

Vogue - Katie CouricVogue - Campbell Brown

The mini-profiles on each newswoman are no slouch either. (The full, longer profiles are available in the January issue of Vogue.) For quick reads, the online versions are both informative and nicely-written, with a delightful insight here and there. Like, say, which “The Breakfast Club” character do you think Rachel Maddow was in high school?

“I grew up on a lot of John Hughes movies, so by calling myself a jock I don't want you to think that I was a dick. I was a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl who bit people. The Ally Sheedy character. And who was Judd what's-his-face? The outsider. I wanted to be the outsider so bad. But I was the jock and that bad-hair girl.”

Also, she reads her Twitter feed. Is there no end to her awesome?

The recent election season has truly been an extraordinary one not just for Rachel but for Katie and Campbell alike. These journalists all distinguished themselves not only as smart and capable but uniquely able to reveal the truth and dissect the spin. Amid the endless chatter of the campaign, they were reminders that journalism done well is still an essential part of a healthy democracy. In today's world an infinite stream of information and misinformation is available at our fingertips. So now, more than ever, we need people like Rachel, Katie and Campbell to help us understand what really matters. In fact, I'd argue that without these women and another woman with distinctive eyewear and a last name that rhymes with “gay,” this election could have ended very differently. You go, girl reporters. People may still call it a man's world, but it takes a real woman to report on it.


A Cuban In London said...

Rachel Maddow. Yes, I agree with you. Cool is putting it mildly.

Greetings from Londoon.

azbabe said...

OT: Rachel Maddow reported on this: Obama has asked Rick Warren, homophobic minister of the Saddleback Church in CA, supporter of Prop 8, to say the invocation at the Inauguration. After the LGBT community strongly supported his election? And JBeals trolled the gay clubs promoting his election? Have gays and those that support human rights been punked? Wasn't some respected, all folks loving, religious or human rights rep available? WTF????

Help me understand Ms. Snarker!

Pyewacket said...

I didn't watch Campbell during the election but I did watch Katie and Rachel...and there is a lot to be said about female reporters who get to the heart of the matter while their male counterparts more times then not let their egos get in the way.

And as far as this Rick Warren issue...while President-elect Obama might want to get everyone to feel included...even those who did not vote for him...YIKES, I am feeling more and more on the outside looking in. Where change is available for everyone except those of us who love differently from how they keep saying the Bible defines what kind of love is okay.

Obama did not get my vote easily and I did not give it easily...but silly me, I did have a small hope and I did join in with the rest of our country in celebrating that night.

PS...for those of you in the US...Ann Curry has a Dateline interview with Rick Warren this Friday at 9 PM...during which she asks him if he is a homophobe...stay tuned for the answer.

Allie said...

I like to tweet @maddow so it makes me very happy to know that she actually reads them!

Anonymous said...

jennifer beals best staight ally on afterellen awards (runner up tina fey) is great....

Angie said...

I love Rachel Maddow. She's incredible.

Ms Snarker, perhaps others have asked you this question, but what happened to the Top Chef Recaps? I miss them. Is there somewhere else I can read them?

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love that photo of Maddow. Is it wrong to love her for her smarts but to covet that fabulous Vogue photo?

You can almost see the SuperRachel cape peaking out from under her jacket. She's my hero. How unexpected her celebrity; what hope it brings me that her integrity, intelligence and good humor are being recognized on such a large scale.

let me dance said...

all right!! (^o^)/

ds, i'm almost done this
semester, see you sooon!

what a nice posting!!

Existential Punk said...

My wife knows about my girl crush on Rachel Maddow! She is funky, sexy, smart, goofy and a sharp wit!

Love Campbell Brown and Katie Couric too. Thanks for posting this interesting story on these 3 amazing women.

Happy Holidays!

Existential Punk