Tuesday, August 26, 2008

True love, happy ending

It's the chocolate and peanut butter of posts today – two great things that go great together: Sarah Haskins and the movies! Sarah, my fake internet girlfriend (not to be confused with my fake TV girlfriend, Tina Fey), returns to unleash a jumbo, butter-topped tub of whoop-ass on today's chick flicks. Or, as she calls them, “unlikely suitor, high-concept hijinks, unnecessary obstacle, true love, happy ending.” Oh, wait, sorry – did I just give away each and every one of their plots? It will forever baffle me that we, as 52 percent of the population, have become a niche market. And it irks me even more that most of these movies are so inexplicably bad. If you're going to marginalize us, at least give us something good to watch.

p.s. While stalking researching Sarah I stumbled upon her “5 Questions with...” for the Editrix. Hey, I did one of those. See, we're clearly meant to be together. Keep your grubby paws off of her, Colin Firth!


The Gentleman said...

You and Colin Firth fighting off for the love and affection of Ms. Sarah Haskins... that's a show I would pay to watch! Btw, my money is on you Ms. Dorothy ;)

Anonymous said...

Heee. I swear I only watch romcoms for the hot ladies.

As a general rule though, French chick flicks are far more watchable that US or UK ones. They're less forumulaic, and some have open endings, and even leave the lady single at the end, which I really like. I think my winner in that department is "les Soeurs Fachees" starring Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Frott. Isabelle is unhappily married, while Catherine is merily single. And it pretty much stays that way at the end too. The people's lives didn't change by meeting Collin Firth. SHOCK!!

Regardless, I am first in line to watch Annette Bening's PSA (oh the unintentional comic potential of plastic-fantastic Meg & Bette Midler in the same scene as Annette). She could read the phonebook and I'd watch. Lady rocks my socks.

Anonymous said...

“unlikely suitor, high-concept hijinks, unnecessary obstacle, true love, happy ending.”... Best line ever!

I seriously could watch Sarah Haskins every day.

Lezlie Mac said...

Sarah Haskins, pick Dorothy for the love of ladies !

Cappucinogirl - Really? the French ones? I usually end up dead out of boredom when watching one...Plus they're often very very straight, starring not so fresh actresses and ugly guys and SO not funny...

OK maybe I haven't watched a romcom for so long I'm now irreversibly biaised.. Quick, does anyone know when the next Drew Barrymore flick is due?

Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise when I was reading the Chicago-SunTimes back on 8/8 and ran across a piece on none other than Sarah Haskins. But it was because of DS that I already knew about her.


Anonymous said...

I love Sarah Haskins, but Happy-Go-Lucky is a Mike Leigh film, definitely not a chick flick. It's sad if it's being marketed that way, though.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know, i started to understand what my action should be. somehow you're very smart. (-o-);;;

and i guess you get the unclear infos from the singing somewhere? giggle.

my uncle came here two days ago?
he brought us some foods as a gift.
so? there is a humm.. dry fish, the name is o-ging-uh? haha, it's good when you eat it with beer(^-^)
i'm pretty sure you hate it. haha.

as the usual, drinking beer made me talkative, we'er talking about the education system in here and my country, and the olympic medal thing. and talking about fair thing in sports. ah, i also mentioned about my art history teacher's. why the greek didn't wear anything on game.

somehow, in this conversation there is nothing about DS.

and i understand that i should show something to you. why not now?
it's (-_-);;;

ah, DS, if you didn't ask me like this never mind, i'm a fan of talking to myself.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am a BIG watcher (fan?) of the Romantic Comedy. From any country...from any decade...I admit it. They are my Windows solataire. They are the thing I do...the cheesy romance novel...the mindless and passive activity that I do when I need to escape the stress of my day or week or month.

They have hot women looking great...there is no violence...they are the pink cotton candy of motion pictures!

(Okay, I also mock.)

And yet, even I have some sort of standard among the fluff...and as much as I like Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, and Debra Messing...I just could not stomach sitting through all of "Sweet Home Alabama," "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days," and "The Wedding Date"...respectively.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

My personal favorite romantic comedy is hands down, Thelma & Louise. When they kiss at the end and then drive off into the sunset... just such an incredible moment. Ok, ok, they drove off the Grand Canyon into the sunset, but why quibble?

Annie said...

So I've been reading your blog for the better part of '08, created a blog in homage to your blog, have linked to your blog a couple of times, and have, on occasion, been inspired by you to pepper my random posts with pictures of lovely ladies, but still haven't commented...until today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me on to Sarah Haskins. I could watch her all day. I want to be her best friend. I would want to be her girlfriend if I wasn't already married.

I guess I still want to be her girlfriend. But you called dibs, and I respect that.

Annie said...

I meant to say, "created a blog POST in homage to your blog."

Okay, then.

ReneeG said...

Sarah Haskins, photoshoppin' aficionado. A girl after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

OT: You need to do a blog about Hillary Rodham Clinton's remarkable speech at the DNC on the day that women first got the vote.

*cosmic freak* said...

I've done version of 5 questions. hehehe. I'm imagining that funny fight Colin Firth had at the fountain with Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones: Edge of Reasons.

Anonymous said...

Judging from that footage, Sarah Haskins wears a pinky ring. So perhaps all is not lost Ms Snarker. (Or does that not mean what it used to?)