Thursday, August 21, 2008

SGALGG: Gold Medal Edition

What I love, among many things, about the Olympics is the sheer, unfiltered joy on the faces of the women as they reach their goals. It may be a gold medal. It may be a personal best. It may just be having made it to the grandest stage of her sport. But in that moment of supreme accomplishment, she has a beauty that transcends simple victory. This is not about bragging. This is about happiness. Of course, I also love that in their jubilant moments of triumph these women tend to look super, duper gay.

[Click each to enlarge the Straight Gals* Acting Like Gay Gals.]

Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor , USA, beach volleyballGreat sport or greatest sport ever?

Tamsin Barnett & Natalie Cook, Australia, beach volleyballCloser, closer, closer...

Luiza Almeida & friend, Brazil, dressageShe is 16, so behave.

Keri-Anne Payne & Cassandra Patten, Great Britain, women's marathon swimmingAll that swimming deserves a kiss.

Hanna Thompson & Emily Cross, USA, fencingParry, parry, thrust

Women's Eight, USA, rowingOh, to be the ninth.

Nicole Hudson & Sarah Young, Australia, field hockeySticks, tattoos, muscles, dresses...where was I?

Rebecca Adlington & Cassandra Patten, Great Britain, swimmingPublic pool, private moment.

Xue Chen & Zhang Xi, China, beach volleyballHands, hands!

Li Jia Wei & Feng Tianwei, Singapore, table tennisI watched table tennis all last night. It. Was. Awesome.

Anastasia Davydova & Anastasia Ermakova, Russia, synchronized swimmingClearly too much eyeshadow to actually be gay, and yet......this is how they celebrated their 2004 gold medal in Athens.

Dara Torres, USA, hottieThis one is for the ladies of Shakesville, you know who you are. Sorry I couldn't bring along Tina, too. Sadly, they still haven't officially recognized “awesome” as an Olympic sport. Bastards.

*I'm assuming straightness. If any of these ladies wants to kick open the closet door, I'd be more than happy to create a new category: GGALGG.


Anonymous said...



;)) babs

The Gentleman said...

Well i've just seen Gro Hammerseng scoring the final and dicisive goal in the semi final against North Korea (Norway won 29 ato 28 at the last second) and boy there was plenty of material for a GGALGG post! ( I hope someone was taking pictures... hi-def preferebly :P

O'Neill said...

I agree! These pictures can throw even the finest tuned gaydar off.

Anonymous said...

Haha. There IS a 9th in rowing...the coxswain.

MK1709 said...

Well... Norway just made it to the handball finals, so you might have the chance to make that ggalgg thing yet :D

grrlzzrool said...

I for one would like to personally thank you for the sexiest, most entertaining and intriguing pictures of the 2008 olympics!! Thank god you get paid to search out things the rest of us don't have quite enough time for! SUPER Highway f'shizzle!

Sarah in Chicago said...

As one of those ladies of Shakesville, I am most perturbed by your lack of Tina-ness ;)

But wow ... LOTS of SGALGG!! I'm honestly starting to think of the Olympics as effectively porn for lesbians.

I swear, I'm addicted to the damn TV through the Olympics, I'm totally going to go into withdrawal at the end ... won't know what to do with myself ...

Where oh where will I get my evening's fix of muscled, sweaty, athletic female bodies?!

DJ Spinster said...

Best. Blog. Ever.

dc said...

Have I ever mentioned, Ms. Snarker, that I think you have the most uncanny ability to find the purest gems in pics from the ziliions that float around cyberspace?

Well you do. Take a bow. You have just posted the most superb series of photos that capture exuberance and unfettered joy between women. Its good to wake up to this!

btw, I'm *sure* many of these women are lesbians, out or not:)

Altho its true: these pics do mess with our gaydar!

Anonymous said...

Wow... And the Singaporean ladies actually made it here, into this post I meant... our government would have a riot over this but I'm utterly happy! Singapore being represented in the Olympics as well as in this blog, alls good.

(just for info, Jia wei and Tianwei are Chinese nationals by birth, go figure)

Anonymous said...

Mercy! Thanks for all the hotness!

TheWeyrd1 said...

GGALGG...where's the fun in THAT!?! Oh

rockmaite said...

ooohh mmmhhhh
i think i can die happy now..
10000+ thank youssss

USWNT Fan said...

Here's your GGALGG with Girl being singular (maybe?)

Natasha Kai and Heather O'Reilly celebrating their gold medal.

Lezlie Mac said...

GGALGG...I've waiting for this installment for too long!

That last pic of just one SGALGG made me forget all the other ones..
Tores is the quintessential hottie.

Anonymous said...

heh. love this post. I remember watching the 96 summer games when Svetlana Khorkina dominated the Russian gymnastics team. There were plenty of SGALGG moments as the Russian teammates would always greet and congratulate each other with a peck on the lips and she had the hottest boy cut of them all.

*cosmic freak* said...

whats GGALGG? Okay, I'm so lost here.

lucky you to have got time to watch all these olympics moments.

lefille said...

It's amazing how much genuine camaraderie there is among the female Olympic athletes! Makes you wonder how well the world would work if women were in power ;)

Kerri Walsh and Misty May are just... forces of volleyball nature. I can't get enough of their total DOMINANCE in their sport.

ChuChu said...

GGALGG: Gay Girls Acting Like Gay Girls :-D

Anonymous said...

he-i!! DS,
i'm laughing. (^o^)/

the chinese pic, ah..
your comment is so fun..hi..ha..

yesterday was an orientation day,
so i wasn't at home.

thank you for all your lovely works~
love you!!! ^^

*cosmic freak* said...

hurm .... I see ......

but I still don't get it. Aren't Gay Gals supposed to be acting like Gay Gals? hehe.

But I think its okay, I need not understand cos I am too distracted by all the pictures anyway. hehe.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly too much eyeshadow to actually be gay, and yet..."

Unless of course, she's an extraordinarily gay, queer femme.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Natalie Cook is gay and it's no secret.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Cook is gay and awesome

Anonymous said...

Natalie Cook is openly gay & married to the gorgeous Canadian volleyballer Sarah Maxwell