Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Vacation Crush

I know Tina Fey. Tina Fey is a favorite of mine. Governor, you’re no Tina Fey. And – more to the point – Sarah Palin, you’re no Hillary Clinton.

Women are not interchangeable. We aren’t paper dolls with removable heads and pantsuits. We’re individuals. We have brains. We even like to use them. Yet with his selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick, John McCain has shown us how he really feels about women. We’re dumb and fickle and will vote for anything in a dress. Am I glad that another woman has a shot at the second-highest seat in all the land? Of course – more opportunities for women to enter the upper echelons of power are always welcome. But does it also make me angry? Of course – this isn’t a sign of McCain’s newfound belief in the intrinsic equality of women. This is a joke.

This is a man who opposes the Equal Rights Amendment, opposes (and instead favors overturning) Roe v. Wade, opposes women serving in military combat roles, opposes the federal recognition of gay marriages and domestic partnerships, opposes the mandatory coverage of birth control by health plans, opposes comprehensive sex education – shit – I could go on forever. Earlier this year he didn’t vote on (but later said he would have voted against) the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that would ensure women have the opportunity to recover back pay for discrimination. Instead of an equal pay bill, he said women just needed “education and training.”

It’s insulting, condescending, infuriating that McCain would think we women vote as a monolithic block controlled solely by our ladyparts. We do not, sir. Nor are we amused by the sexism that will no doubt be leveled Palin’s way (and already has been…um,, classy). I disagree with Palin based on her record. Pro-life. Pro-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Pro-teaching of creationism. Pro-National Rifle Association. With only 20 months as governor and the mayorship of a town of less than 9,000 people on her resume, why was she selected when other much more experienced Republican women were passed over? This is not what feminism is about.

So, this vacation, my crush is on all of you, the smart women. The smart women who won’t have the wool pulled over your eyes by a nice-looking brunette with glasses. The smart women who care about the issues not just the ovaries. The smart women who know that your vote is yours alone, and won’t be swayed by desperate, cynical pandering to your X chromosomes. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain, because she certainly isn't Tina Fey. Not even close. Happy weekend, all. See you again Sept. 10.


truetor said...

exactly!! you say so clearly and eloquently what i want to. thank you for that. enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Anonymous said...

yeah, see you again. (^-^)

Rituximab said...

Well said & happy vacation!

The Big Shamu said...

Not that I was ever going to vote for McCain but wow, what a move. You're right, he doesn't seem to think much of women as a whole.
I have to ask, are there Hilary supporters out there that are so pissed that they would vote for McCain out of spite?

Amanda Michael said...

Thank you for expressing my exact sentiments on this ridiculous joke. My crush is on you this weekend!

pecola said...

I wonder if he'll make her take a 30 percent pay cut.

Amanda said...

I couldn't agree more. How anyone can be taking McCain seriously at this point is beyond me...

I just can't wait to vote, and for the first time too


Patricia said...

Hear, hear.

Bien dit.

I can tell you that, from here, ( Paris, France )Palin's nomination feels like a disgrace. For American women. For women.
Damn it. For everybody.

Josephine said...

The creepy thing is that Palin looks like my mom! This, of course, does not mean that I would ever, ever vote for her. Actually, I wouldn't even vote for my mom if she were running...she's a Republican, after all.

Sam said...

This Hillary supporter is writing her name in on the November ballot. The addition of Palin to the Repub ballot is a brilliant move....something Obama failed to do!

susannah said...

Such a myopic, sexist point of view can be expected from a wealthy, white, male Republican, but sadly I saw much of the same from women, since the beginning of Hilary's campaign, that women should vote for Hilary, because she is a woman, period, and feeling that those who did not were traitors to the sisterhood. There are those of us who came to our own conclusions about Hilary's character when she was in the White House, and since then, that shaped our decisions as to whom to support, yet it seemed to me that we were expected to disregard those opinions and feel that Hilary just appeared on the political scene from nowhere, and that she must be supported because she is a woman. I want a woman in the White House, absolutely, but I want the RIGHT woman, the right person, and in my opinion, Hilary wasn't the right person. I am not referring to Hilary supporters who have formed their own educated conclusions, I am just pointing out that attitudes that like should support like, without thought, are not only held by McCain.

I really enjoy this column but, could the Tina Fey thing be toned down just a tad? Thanks.

Lopey said...

Props Ms. Snarker. Couldn't have said it better.

Hope you have a amazing, well-deserved vacation!

Anonymous said...

As an American woman who DOES think for herself and is tired of women like yourself thinking you speak for the majority of women, I will say to you "Whatever!" Get over it . . . women like yourself are never happy. If they don't pick a woman, you complain . . . now they do, and of course . . . you complain.

Anonymous said...

I was for Hillary, and now I'm for Barack. While I'm not terribly impressed with Obama's (in my opinion) chickening out and picking Biden for his running mate, his ticket has vision. The same cannot be said of McCain/Palin.

I think it was a horrible move made by a hot-tempered man who thought that he could stand at a podium, point to his VP's chest and say, "if you have these, you should vote for them."

I am absolutely livid at the patronizing implications of his pick. Neither myself nor many of my fellow females will be fooled so easily, sir.

Obama/Biden 2008. Because I have boobs and brains, and I am prone to employ the use of the latter come November.

V. said...

"If they don't pick a woman, you complain . . . now they do, and of course . . . you complain."

I may not live in the USA and therefore I am probably not as well-informed on the presidential election as others who have commented on here, but... wow. What a blatant generalization. Do you realise that there's a difference between picking a woman - any woman - and picking the right woman to do the job? This is not about always being unsatisfied, but about being unsatisfied because of an inadequate choice (and appalling sexism) on McCain's part.

I wholeheartedly agree with the person who said: "I think it was a horrible move made by a hot-tempered man who thought that he could stand at a podium, point to his VP's chest and say, 'if you have these, you should vote for them.'"
If you can watch that and seriously do not mind being treated like a brainless puppet (with boobs, obviously) who will do as she is told because certainly like should support like without even thinking about this man's attitude towards the voters he's trying to fool here, then by all means, do so. I won't.
It makes me sad to still read posts like these in the 21st century.

Anyway. That was very well said, Ms Snarker. Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

susannah: "that women should vote for Hilary, because she is a woman, period, and feeling that those who did not were traitors to the sisterhood."

Gen Y, right?

All else being equal, of course you're betraying the sisterhood if you don't vote for a female candidate. Not doing so ignores and disrespects the entire 1st and 2nd wave feminist movements. Not doing so fails to acknowledge the historical imbalance and inequality of gender representation. Not doing so makes a joke of Emily's List. Not doing so gives an affirmative nod to the all-empowered patriarchy. Come on. Wake up!

Jules said...


Dru said...

Hah. :)

This is what my Mom doesn't get.

Somehow she's all annoyed that Hillary didn't get the nomination and is now annoyed at Obama for not choosing her as his VP. *Rolls eyes*

I told her it had been really unlikely that he would and she was just all; He's not the next president of the U.S.

I'm so glad we live in Europe. or I'd be afraid my Mom would vote McCain just for the lady VP. *Sigh*

I think what he did was lame and predictable and just ugh.

Jeannine said...

Ms. Snarker, as you are well aware, I am an ardent fan of yours and will mourn the days you are away.

What surprises me more than the Palin pick is that the GOP is picking another self-hating person. I have a distinct feeling that Palin will suffer the same type of disgrace as her vehement right wing fellows. It is only a matter of time.

And PLEASE do NOT compare her looks to the incomparable Ms. Fey - it will make me feel icky to lust after Tina.

Anonymous said...

have a great vacation!

i'm going to miss you.

WordNerd said...

God, what a joke. I used to have at least a grudging respect for McCain. I had lost it before the Palin thing, but this just pushed it over into full-blown hatred. Blatant pandering, and beyond insulting. You're completely right on.

Have a nice vacay all the same.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Once again you said it better than I could!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dorothy,

You made an excellent point that, judging from some of the comments, will need to be repeated many, many times. Voting for a woman solely based upon her gender is simply not rational. Gender identity does not trump character, intelligence, vision, or any number of other qualities one would hope that a would-be President or Vice-President possesses. I have a hard time understanding the position of those who believe that electing a woman should be an end in-and-of-itself. If the female candidate does not possess the necessary qualities to perform well once in office, won't that harm, rather than advance, the feminist cause?


Lezlie Mac said...

Ms.Dorothy, I deeply enjoy all your naked ladies days. But I LOVE it when you get political. Your writing gets so sharp when you're upset that one can only feel righteous and adamant in agreeing with you.
I won't vote on grounds of French citizenship, but I fully agree with you: McCain, stop confusing boobs with lack of brains. Thank you.
Happy holidays Dorothy

Anonymous said...

The moment I saw Palin I thought she looked like the love child of Tina Fey and Megan Mullally. Then I heard her speak and thought her voice and gestures were not unlike Ms. Fey's. This won't change the way I vote in November, but the pick does have one important implication: Tina Fey HAS to come back to SNL! Yay! Thank you John McCain!

Sam said...

Re-read these comments from Friday, February 08, 2008, under "My Weekend Crush."

At least for me, once I support and believe so passionately about a candidate and his/her cause, I stick with 'em. I truly believe Hillary got the short end of the stick from the media and her own party. How can someone who receive more than 18 million votes, inclusing IA, NV, WA, and ME (from be so easily cast-off by her party and supporters?

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Enjoy the time off, DS! Also just wait and see what happens with Palin in the days to come. I wonder if the Palin revelations have anything to do with McCain's sudden desire to tone down the opening of the Repb Convention...under the auspice of deferring to the hopeful impending doom of Hurricane Gustave.
Yeah, I know, we have to respect people's privacy...but do we have to respect those who don't respect us? Can't we at least mock them a little? The high road has been so lonely since the Bushies came to town...

Gina said...

She was picked because if McCain had chosen an intelligent and qualified woman, he'd actually have to ~listen~ to her.

debbie millman said...

McCain's politics disgust me. Palin's politics disgust me. I am horrified that McCain picked her, and the recent revelations about her daughter are sad and ironic and simply unbelievable. And yet, true.

I, too, am writing in HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON on November 4th.

Have a good vacation, Ms. Snarker, and thank you for the brilliant post.

~wicked~ said...

we, in Canada, are sitting by, patiently awaiting the outcome of this latest Presidential charade...we are amused by the latest John McCain circus act...hurrah for women in office but not no, not Palin. good luck US women (and men)!

Tim Rooch said...

It's been three days and no Dorothy Snarker, she said she would be back in ten. I can make it, I can do this, just a few more days.

pyewacket said...

I have been giving this latest move in the presidential election a lot of thought...and as much as I agree with the majority of what you wrote Ms. Dorothy, I can see why Sarah Palin is the Republican VP pick.

First, let me say, I have no horse in this race. And I have no party allegiance.

You are right, women are not interchangeable...and democratic candidates are not interchangeable, for me, either.

But I can see and understand why Senator McCain picked Governor Palin.

First of all, Senator McCain could not pick another old white guy to be on his ticket, no way, no how. Sorry to be so blunt but he just could not do it.

While at the same time, he did have to pick someone who appealled to the staunch conservatives who are not really thrilled with McCain.

Just like Obama knew he had to find someone to appeal to the working middle class democrats who are not very thrilled with him. (Someone other than Senator Clinton.)

And Governor it or not...has more actual executive experience (balancing a budget, compromising with the legislature) than McCain, Obama or Biden.

Do I agree with or cheer on any of what is going on? Nope.

But I do see what everyone is trying to do. Which is basically, get themselves elected...any way they can.

Melissa said...

My main concern in his VP choice is his ability to make choices. Clearly, no one thought she was in the top 10 of choices he should have made, because no one knew who she was. I really think what we should be doing is taking a closer look on his ability to run the country, as his first big decision on his to do list was more than questionable. It was an undeniable mistake based solely on her experience. Can she run the country in the likely hood of his passing the torch? No one truly knows because she hasn't gotten enough under belt. It took McCain 20 years to get there, shame on him for handing out a premature golden ticket after he worked so hard to get there. Obama has more experience than her, and with Biden on the ticket, I think it is a safer choice. Collectively, they will work together better than the P.O.W. and the unknown.

Jessie said...

Kudos!!! You are absolutely correct. I was a Hillary supporter until she asked us (her supporters) to support Barack Obama. I am following her lead. SHE, not John McCain, is putting the country first.

The Palin choice was clearly a strategic move by John McCain and nothing more. It's insulting to have my gender used as a political weapon and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to fall for it.

It's about POLICY, not gender.

That said, well put! Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with some of your comments, I disagree that she doesn't represent a "kind" of feminism that is genuine.

One that is not constricted by traditional gender roles - she hunts caribou, fishes for salmon, will be a vp with a "house husband," and she's created a career while not sacrificing being a parent.

Yes, she's against basically everything I stand for in women's rights...but I realize that women have the right to have opinions, even when they differ from my own.

She's consistent (not aborting a child she knew had downs syndrome), rugged, and interesting - something few women in politics are.

Saying this, I don't know that I'll vote for her...but to bash her isn't for me either.

She may have little experience, but she has more executive experience than Obama (head of the national guard, governor - even if briefly - of a state, etc..) and they both have little experience.

He talks nicely, but in the end has little substance. McCain talks with much substance and what i hear I don't like.

They both suck if you ask me.

linda said...

heyhey! enjoy your vacay! :] I can't vote yet [only 16] and I dont keep up with politics 24/7 so I know just some pointers about the election and the candidates. thank you for all the information you supply on your blog. and thanks for all the laughs :] obama/biden 2008 all the way.

Anonymous said...

I was/am a huge Hillary supporter but why the comparison? Most don't even know Palin and base their assumptions on heresay. Give the woman a chance. That's what feminism is all about; you may not agree with her ideology but support her strength and courage. Those glass ceilings need a hard head, after all. And Palin has much more executive experience than Obama, hands down.

Hillary's still my girl, but I give props to Palin. She's getting a beating out there and still holds her head high.

Anonymous said...

The blog said "John McCain has shown us how he really feels about women. We’re dumb and fickle and will vote for anything in a dress."

I don't know, I live where there are plenty of African-American citizens...and while I am on the fence with who I vote for, I have watched as many of my peers wear obama t-shirts, buttons, and support him...and when I ask them, they say "he's for change" and have no idea what the specifics are. They will also openly say they are voting for him because he's black. Has he reached out to the poor african-american base who is so enthusiastic? Not here. He skips over the bad parts of town for fancy dinners. Still, they cheer.

So, I'd be careful with the references to sheep and women voting.... I've seen it on the other side of the fence too.

Jan_Ham said...

Palin is George W. Bush in a dress, a woman of untested political talent, bullying temperament, and an astonishing aptitude for showboating (I can see her now on the deck of a destroyer in an orange jumpsuit). While her speech was terrific in its call to glory, that she can employ well the tools of propaganda is hardly anything to crow about. She may well be a wonderful wife to her husband and mother to her children, but she is also someone who has displayed the same intolerance of ideas, science, and diversity of opinion as the current occupier of the White House.

susannah said...

You have heard the latest I am sure, that she belongs to a church that believes in trying to "convert" gays. Convert to what, I'm not sure, but this is plain frightening from someone who might be the president of our country. I also wanted to ask anyone who cared to reply...I read that she has a brandnew baby with Down's, and would a mother of a special needs baby be doing the best thing to accept a round the clock job, away from the baby? Is being a good mother making sure someone, whoever, is taking care of your kids while you do what you want politically? I don't see anyone mentioning this, and of course I am not saying her place is in her home, but this is the first time the mother of a tiny special needs baby, or young children, is being considered for vp/President. Any thoughts?

Richard said...

If you haven't already, you need to watch the Sarah Palin Target women.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Susannah. My thoughts are that the question of "motherhood" or "parenthood" vs career would never even be considered if the candidate was male. Just goes to show you that sexism is alive and well, even in the lesbian community.

Jeannine said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, Dorothy returns tomorrow - it's only a daaaaaayyyyyyy aaaawaaaayyyyyy!!!!

God I miss that woman!

TechGirl said...

Well done! You covered alot of ground before taking off to relax. Thank you for putting it so clearly. If you just look at McCain's platform, it might not be hard to vote for him. If you look at his voting record, the answer is not in this lifetime.

I'm still a Hillary support yet I can't vote for McCain either. I'll just be one of those crazy people who writes in Hillary for President. She's the right person for the job.