Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tank Top Tuesday

I love the Olympics. I just do. I've watched them since I was a wee, unathletic child and watch them now as a wee, unathletic adult. I've never watched an opening ceremony where my eyes haven't misted over at the sheer accomplishment and pride on the faces of every athlete. And I guess, really, that's what I love most about the Olympics – the athletes themselves. The discipline, dedication and drive to become the best in the world is truly awesome in the actual dictionary definition of the word. Also, they're just freaking hot. Like Beijing in August hot. Like melt the circuitry on the computer screen hot. Like center of the sun hot. No wonder they're wearing all those tank tops. A look at some of Team USA's most spectacular sleeveless stars. So in the spirit of true sportsmanship, I give you T3: Olympics Edition.

Dara Torres, swimmingIt almost seems wrong to deprive us of those abs.
[Hat tip, Dana of Mombian.com!]

Natasha Kai, soccerSwoon. Thud. Swoon. Thud. She is out, too? Thud and stay thud.

Hope Solo, soccerGoooooooooooal! Keeper that is.

Allyson Felix, trackThe best kind of fast woman.

Alicia Sacramone, gymnasticsBendy is a good thing.
[Hat tip, Caitlin!]

Amy Acuff, high jumpTall and bendy ain't bad either.

Candace Parker, basketballDouble your tank tops, double your fun.

Sue Bird, basketballPretty, pretty birdie

Logan Tom, volleyballKeep your eye on the ball.

Elaine Youngs and Nicole Branagh, beach volleyballWhat? Bikini tops totally count as tank tops.

p.s. Fear not my international friends, my all-American tribute today is not an isolationist stance on hotness. The Olympics run until Aug. 24, so if you've got the tank tops, I've got the time. Send me your best, world.


Anonymous said...

Misty May and Kerri Walsh! Actually, they're perfect candidates for "Straight Girls Acting Like Gay Girls: The Olympics Edition." Watch their celebration after winning the gold in Athens - in Misty's own words, "Who doesn't love to see two athletic women rolling around in bikinis?"

*cosmic freak* said...

I bloghopped and stayed to read a few posts. guess I will be dropping by more frequently in the future.

The Gentleman said...
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The Gentleman said...

Just few suggestions from Italy:

Federica Pellegrini (swimming)
Francesca Piccinini (Volleyball)
Margherita Granbassi (Fencing)
Tania Cagnotto (Diving)
Josefa Idem (Canoeing)

and those are just the first to come into my mind... i'll be back with some pics to support my case ;)

kennedyismyhero said...

You mean, you aren't going to put up six thousand pictures of Michael Phelps???!


Here's just a couple suggestions from an American who can more than appreciate foreign beauty...

Laure Manaudou (France)
Gro Hammerseng (Norway)

I'm blanking on the others I've seen so I might be back with more.

Renee Gannon (aka Lesberita) said...

First naked lady Monday, now Tank Top Tuesday.... this just gets better and better.... what's tomorrow? Wet and Wild Wednesday?? (think wet t-shirts... white ones of course... oh the alliteration!)

God, I'm a dork.

GrinMistress said...

You Naughty, Sassy Vixen!

I just regained consciousness after viewing Naked Lady Monday and you've done made me have the vapors again!

Whimper..Gurgle..Thud ;-)

Just one like Alicia Sacramone...is that too much to ask, Dear Universe!?

A thousand thank yous, Dorothy Dear.

xo, The Grin

Anonymous said...

I think this should be Tank top week
there is too much olympic hotness around

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to cover the Australian Olympic Team...Here's the Swimming Gold Medallist Stephanie Rice http://classic.fhm.com.au/PhotoGallery/Photo.aspx?id=766
Then there's Lauren Jackson etc from the basketball team need i say more :P

TheWeyrd1 said...

I just love looking at your pick pics!

Kay said...

Ooo, sporty tank-top tuesday! Make me feel a warm in my... heart. Yes, my heart. Eh hem.

Anonymous said...


not bad! But also two suggestions of nordic delight:

Gro Hammerseng & Katja Nyberg
(Norway, handball)
Great players, look good and are openly gay and lovers. What more can you ask?


Caitlin said...

Thank you!!! Seeing my name near Alicia's picture made me giggle like a little school girl. And I still love her (and her insane muscles) even after the disaster that was last night. If you can call winning silver a disaster.

Josephine said...

Beach volleyball players in general are sooooo hot. This morning I watched Brazil vs. Australia...four incredibly hot women at one time. Wow! And then there are the soccer players...and the basketball players.... Actually, I'm just happy to have the opportunity to watch so much women's team sports on tv. This never happens outside of the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Logan Tom is about 10x hotter when she pulls her hair back and scowls.

alice said...

totally agree! logan tom with her hair back: incredibly hot! off the chart!