Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tina Fey Tuesday

I had a crazy weekend. And in all the craziness, I ran out of time to go see “Baby Mama” as I had planned. My disappointment at missing opening weekend is tempered by the fact that even without my oh-so-important ticket buying contribution, the film still topped the box office taking in over $18 million. Not to get all “girls rule, boys drool” on you here, but there is something rather satisfying about the fact that the comedy with two women beat the comedy with two men. It, by the way, also opened bigger than the previous weekend’s much-hyped, much-heralded, Judd Apatow-approved “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Suck it, 14-year-old boys! Ahem.

On the heels of that triumph comes news that co-star Amy Poehler is pregnant in real-life. The amorphous, oddly-pleated dress she wore at the premiere was a dead giveaway. Nothing screams “Baby on Board!” louder than a non-waisted frock. So congrats, Amy. Congrats, Tina. Let’s celebrate your success with Tina Fey Tuesday: Video Edition (with a big old assist from the Fab-O Ms. Poehler).

First, Tina and Amy ask each other fan questions for “Unscripted.”

You get to watch Tina try to swallow her own fist. Enough said.

Then Tina’s regular “Ask Tina” online “30 Rock” vlog.

The hair, the glasses, the jumper, it’s ALL working for me.

And finally, in case you missed it, Tina on Comedy Central’s autism benefit, “A Night of Too Many Stars.”

I have never been more jealous of a slightly overweight, balding, older white dude in my entire life.


Anonymous said...

Tina Fey is great and all, but what about Tank Top Tuesday? I was looking forward to some lovely images of tank top clad ladies. Sigh.

Amanda said...

Love me some Tina. Seriously, why aren't there more of her? Loved the movie, thought it was great and reminded me a lot of 30 Rock. Which by the way, had the most amaaazing episode last week. Amadeus references aaand Star Wars nerdyness? So many good lines "I would, but we have no way of knowing where the heart is, everyone is different"


MissAkilahC said...

I agree with anon.

But I always have that sentiment.
(Tina-philes, go ahead and start inadvertently attacking me now)

I LOVE Triple T days (tank. top. Tuesday), and I saw Babby Mama. I was really excited. I was really disapointed.

Anonymous said...

"great use of the word elastic" lol..

amy poehler is hilarious! they compliment each other nicely :)

Pyewacket said...

OMG, these two women are *so* funny...I seriously heart them!

Sterkworks said...

I loved Baby Mama. Luckily, my daughter wanted to see it too. I will watch anything Tina is in. Good, bad, or ugly...but let's face it, HOT.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Love, love LOVE Tina Fey. I missed the Baby Mama opening weekend because of family stuff and the season home opener for the local pro women's football team, but we're going this weekend. Yay!

Kell Capelo said...

Dorothy! i just saw the movie and thought about u, lol! when she comes out of the bathroom in a tank top! lol!
i looved the movie!! OMG STEVE martin was hilarious!!! loooved it

listsareswell said...

I saw the movie on opening night. It was HILARIOUS, but I must say, I was REALLY disappointed by the "hermaphrodite" jokes. Joking about intersex people being freaks is not okay, even if you are Tina Fey.

Anonymous said...

"nothing screams pregnancy than a non-waisted frock"

Laural Hollowman also wore one to the GLAAD awards....she can't be can she?!