Friday, April 04, 2008

My Weekend Crush

Dr. Maya Angelou, that Phenomenal Woman, turns 80 today. Nothing I could write could ever compare to what she has already written. Nothing I could say could ever compare to what she has already said. And nothing I do could ever compare to what she has already done. The breadth of her work, the depth of her passion, the scope of her mind. She is, quite simply, phenomenal. And her voice, Lord, her voice. If I had her voice, I’d never stop talking. Seriously, I’d find some way to keep talking in my sleep.

I remember, vividly, watching President Bill Clinton’s inauguration and hearing her extraordinary poem. A rock, a river, a tree. This was the first presidential election I had been truly excited about, not to mention the first president I helped to elect. I will never forget the hope of that moment and the promise of those words. Now, all these years later, Maya has put her tremendous heart into helping Hillary Clinton. One amazing woman supporting another amazing woman, it doesn’t get much better than that. But, I’ve rambled on far too long when all along I should have just let Maya do her thing. Rise, Maya. Rise. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. I cannot take sole credit for this week’s crush. It was the fabulous Linster who first came up with the idea. Read her tribute on AfterEllen today and revel in the wonder that is Dr. Angelou some more. Too much is never enough when it comes to Maya.


Anonymous said...

What a great choice for a weekend crush and a phenomenal way to start the weekend. I look forward to reading your post and listening the Maya's word. Thank you!

Sue J said...

Once again, a most excellent choice! And if anyone doesn't know Maya Angelou's life story, you must at least check out the wikipedia summary. Thank you, Dorothy!

Pyewacket said...

My one regret was a chance to hear Maya speak at a convention in Texas I was attending only to have it suddenly taken away from me by the airline I had booked my trip with. Suddenly the later flight I was to go home on was no longer and the only chance to get home was much earlier that morning...and insuring I would miss seeing and hearing this wonderful woman in person. It is the only time I found myself out right angry and not able to compose myself. But I had to take the early flight and miss her because of what was waiting for me back at home.

So happy 80th Maya and thank you for all you have given this world and I still plan on coming to hear you speak...some day, some way!

Slym said...

Maya is ... is... is... well... the only word that comes close is phenominal really and it just seems so inadequate like you said.

I love the woman, love what she represents, she's amazing!

And thank you as you usually for your exceptional taste in women.

Happy weekend to you as well.

slacker said...

Excellent choice, Ms. Starker, for so many reasons.

G Funk said...

Dr. Angelou (sigh) often I have conversations with my friends about who I would like to meet. My answer has always been the same, Maya Angelou and Celia Cruz. When ever I hear her speak, when ever I see her picture or read her words, tears come to my eyes.

As soon as I opened your page the words “Oh my God” came out of my mouth. I love this woman. Words can not express the respect and admiration that I have for her.

Ms. Snarker, I often find myself agreeing with you on your weekend crushes and topics you post, but today, today I take off my hat and give you a bow.

Happy 80th Dr. Angelou

Anonymous said...

I have always been profoundly affected by Maya Angelou, and I can think of no better weekend crush. I agree with you about her voice. When I listened to the video, the bass in her voice made me and my subwoofer tremble. In her autobiography she writes that as a child, after a terrible trauma, she stopped talking for a year. It is my feeling that her voice aged like a fine wine during that dormant period. I can't listen to her without getting weepy.

gypsywee said...

Maya Angelou is one of my all-time favorite human beings. Thanks for this weekend's crush...I couldn't agree more. And that voice. *sigh*

Coolfyah said...

Thank you so much Dorothy.
I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Angelou a few years ago at the military academy I attended. Sadly many of my fellow cadets did not understand or appreciate her brilliance and honesty.
So once again, thank you.

GrinMistress said...

You (and the wonderous Maya Angelou) have finally evoked my 1st comment!

Isn't synergy a marvel? I flat out needed to hear her words, to recall her triumph over her life's struggles, and to become reacquainted with her, our, and my own Strength.

I love when someone's expression makes me cry. And the Inaugural poem did it good.

So, I raise my spirit to deeply thank Maya Angelou for being born. And I thank you, Dear Ms Snarker, for your devotion to women great and small.

I hope u have some idea of how much u Joy u add to the world. :)

Greyday said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I LOVE Dr. Maya Angelou. I can't express what her work has meant to me.
Thanks again.