Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Nixon you can trust

Miranda was always my favorite. It wasn’t just because she dinged my gaydar before there seemed to be any hope of my reading being right. It wasn’t because of her penchant for suits. And it wasn’t because of her red hair. Fine, all those things helped. But Miranda was my favorite of the Fabulous Foursome because she was the most relatable. She was smart, hard-working, practical, funny, sexy and incapable of suffering fools lightly. All of that came organically out of Cynthia Nixon.

Now with the “Sex and the City” movie coming out (May 30!), I appreciate Cynthia on an even deeper level. The candor and pride she has shown in her relationship with Christine Marinoni is inspiring. And now the candor and pride she has shown talking about her battle with breast cancer is equally inspiring. After keeping it a secret for two years, Cynthia has revealed that in 2006 she was diagnosed and treated for the disease. Her mother is a two-time survivor and Cynthia has become a Susan G. Komen for the Cure Ambassador. She has taped a series of public service announcements for the group talking about her experiences and encouraging women to get checked. She even recorded a special message just for gay women. God, I knew there was a reason she was my favorite.

Cynthia also graces the cover of More magazine this month. Not only does she look fantastic but she sounds fantastic. The article is a really lovely read and handles her relationship with Christine respectfully and without the slightest bit of fuss. It’s so refreshing. I encourage you check out the whole thing when you get a chance. But for now, a few of the highlights:On how SATC changed her image:

“I get opportunities because of the show and admiration for the work, but also because it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s sexy. She was on that sexy show.’ I was 31 when I did the pilot, and it’s a very happy occasion for an actress getting older that people decide you’re sexy for the first time. ‘Sex and the City’ put me in a different league.”
On stepping back into the Manolos:

“The very first day, there was a shot of the four of us walking on the streets in heels, and it was wonderful and very freaky. There was a sense that we were one four-headed, eight-legged organism. There were hundreds of people watching, and it was like stepping back in time, yet we were all years older. It was great to be together doing a thing we love to do.”
On her relationship with Christine:

Perhaps the best description of how Nixon ended up with Marinoni is this: “Don’t ask me just how it happened, I wish I knew. I can’t believe that it’s happened, and still it’s true” -- lyrics of a song from “Annie Get Your Gun,” which Nixon sang at Marinoni’s 40th birthday party and renamed “I Got Lost in Her Arms.”

On starring in “Little Darlings”:

“That was a really big deal. Armand Assante was going out with Dyan Cannon, and she was there. Ryan O’Neal was going out with Diana Ross, and they were down there. And Kristy McNichol’s friend was Ina Liberace, as in Liberace's niece. It was unbelievable.”

Wow, I had totally forgotten that Cynthia played hippie chick Sunshine in “Little Darlings.” I was so busy watching Kristy and Tatum. What? How could you not be mesmerized by those two baby dyking it up? How about a little nostalgia, eh?


Slym said...

I'm so very happy for Nixon - her battle, survival and happiness found in love.

My fav's Charlotte but I always admired that Nixon's character was most real of them all.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Nixon is an absolutely amazing woman. She's so honest and forthright that it's both endearing and disarming. That's probably why she doesn't get crap from the media.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I love that I have hope now of finding a hot actress to be my girlfriend! I just had a breast exam yesterday after seeing Cynthia interviewed on TV the day before!

On another note, love the mention of Kristy's "friend" Ina along with all the other celebrity couples back in the "Little Darlings" days. Of course, I was totally in love with Kristy and rather blown away when People magazine did a large article complete with several pictures of her and Ina and their house...which they were decorating together as "roommates"...uh yeah. Even then I could read between the lines!!!

Anonymous said...

Next to Kristen Davis (there's just something about a hot brunette), Cynthia Nixon was my second favorite of the four ladies and I really love her honesty in revealing such private aspects of her life.
Cynthia has always been true to herself and never compromised who she is in a place filled with a lot of inauthentic people, which makes me respect her all the more!

slacker said...

Kristy in a tank top. Tatum in a blazer. Takes me back to high school.

Cynthia. She seems to have her stuff together and quite a bit of class. I wish her the best.

And what can I say...her relationship gives me hope in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

she's cool

not only but also said...

Just when I think the world of entertainment has finally disappeared up its own rectum, along you come, Ms Snarker, and remind me that people like Cynthia Nixon actually exist. Thank you thank you thank you.

Peaches said...

This PSA is great, I hadn't seen it before. Thanks for posting!

The Mad Doctor said...

I feel shallow for saying this (okay, not really) but why is it weird when 2 redheads date.

It's like faux incest. Eww.

My weird phobias aside, I am extremely pleased with my "knew it before she did" gaydar.

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Anonymous said...

I feel so sad that Nixon made a choice to be gay. She is just going through a confusing time right now. Someone close to her should reach out and let her know how wrong it is. I will always love her acting ability. She is one of my favorites. I don't understand the whole change of life thing or when a women hits her 40s she seems to have a hard time and so often they turn to homosexualality. Please seek some help cynthia. Don't stay gay.