Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tina Fey Thursday

Whew, we all made it through the great Tina Fey Mega Lovefest of ’08 intact**. Thanks for bearing with me. Turns out that if you post long enough and loud enough and loony enough about all things Tina Fey, guess what happens? NBC notices. Well, NBC’s online publicity marketers notice. And, instead of slapping me with a restraining order (which, to be honest, they probably should have), they send me an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode. Oooh, fancy. See, sometimes being crazy pays off.

Tonight’s episode is titled -- wait for it, wait for it -- “MILF Island.” Oh, yes, you read that right, MILF Island. The same MILF Island mentioned in the Seinfeldvision season premiere. Continuity, let me show you it. The episode revolves around a tabloid blind item where a “Girlie Show” staffer calls Jack a “Class A Moron.” I have no doubt hilarity will ensue. But just in case you don’t want to rely on blind faith let’s -- as they used to say before digital media -- go to the videotape!

Of course, the non-Tina acolytes among us here might still be thinking, “What’s the fuss? Why all this Fey business?” Uhm, have you seen the picture at the top of the post of Tina in the tuxedo? Also, I think her Playboy interview from January (What? I read it for the article, really. Hey, really!) should answer all your questions. Witness some of these priceless gems from the woman who happily refers to herself as a “supernerd.”

On being called the “C”-word once by a fellow SNL writer:

“No! My parents love me. I’m not some child of an alcoholic who will take that kind of verbal abuse!”

On the differences between her and Liz Lemon:

There are two big differences between Liz and me. One is that apparently my character’s jugs are a lot bigger…[The other difference] She’s not married. I was saved by having met my boyfriend [now husband] before I worked on Saturday Night Live…Many times I when I was at SNL I would survey the writers’ room and think, Oh, thank God I’m not coming to this job single.”

On if she was funny as a kid”

“I was more the weird kid who came home after school, put on her colonial-lady costume from Halloween and did little skits for myself…I think it was in middle school. I remember thinking, Oh yeah, I may not be superpretty. This comedy thing may be my best move…I wasn’t really insecure. I was quiet and nerdy, and comedy was a way to ingratiate myself with people.”

On how SNL writers made each other laugh:

“There was a lot of same-sex fake rape.”

On wearing her glasses less post-SNL:

“I still wear them and occasionally need them to see. They’re not props but I don’t wear them all the time. Sometimes I use contacts…Getting rid of the glasses was rough. Even now I will go on a talk show and worry nobody will recognize me without the specs.”

On Playboy’s propensity for fake blondes:

“I just take personal offense. Really, would you be so disgusted to fuck a brunette? It would make you sick?”

Really, you need to read this page for yourself to get the full extend, damn typos extent of her rant about Playboy, body image and feminism, because it’s just way too much awesome for me to transcribe. Needless to say, it’s hear-me-roarific.

So, convinced yet? No, OK. One last try. Oh, and don’t call me tonight. My program is on.

**UPDATE: Friends, commenters, countrywomen (and women from other countries): I must inform you that we will never be completely “done” with Tina Fey because, as mentioned, she is a raison d’être here at Surrenders. But I can understand (sort of) the monotony some of you may feel about a week’s worth of posts about her. So, rest assured, we are done for the week. And while I may never truly understand the mindset that would not revel like a pig in the smart, sexy, sassy mud that is Tina Fey (bad analogy, but I’d already committed), I hope we can still be friends.

p.s. I lied about that being the last Tina item. THIS is the last Tina item. Lookie what I found in my mailbox this afternoon! Read Tina's whole Entertainment Weekly cover story here. See, the planets are clearly aligning in my Fey-vor. Get it? Fey-vor. OK, I’m really done now.

p.p.s. OK, this is really the last thing, I promise. For the love of God, buy this magazine and look inside at the picture of Tina wearing a satin burlesque number complete with fishnets and a feather fan. That is all.


Huggitis Brown said...

Loooved today's post and that tuxedo picture is TEH AWESOME, as they say.

Thank you Dorothy (and Tina, obvs)

Anonymous said...

tired of tina fey

not really a fan

imthey said...

Ok, she may not be wearing the glasses, but Tina Fey in a tux is certainly the next best thing!
Thanks for the all Tina/all the time week...

Ana said...

Can't say I was really a big Tina Fey fan in the past. Your blog has made me see the error of my ways.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, but dorothy, please, it's enough tina fey for the week, hell, for the whole month!
I'm sorry but whatever you find in her, I don't...
so PLEASE go back to once a week!

Leesh said...

Look at you, Ms. Snarker! Becoming all famous and getting the attention of NBC... you must be proud! :)

MissAkilahC said...

eh not really interested... still.
I know she's funny, but I thought she was funnier on SNL.... will there be something new tomorrow?

Amanda said...

Wow... I think you just surpassed the level of Tina Fey nerdyness...can we get married?


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I've enjoyed the week of Fey-tasmagory. I see that anonymous is disgruntled, but even when gruntled, anonymous exhibits a weak gravitational pull toward a pointless vector in a vacuum. Or not.

Slym said...

Dorothy, seriously, I'm taking you out this weekend! A full week of Tina! YAY!!! Oh and the pic of Tina in a tux!!! Damn you can order whatever you want!

Pyewacket said...

Tina Fey favorite pic so far! I am *so* looking forward to the show tonight and I am sure it won't disappoint. I have been a fan of Tina's since her days at the desk with Jimmy Fallon, which I thought was just about the smartest and funniest part of the show. I wasn't sure her humor could translate into a 1/2 hour show, but BOY! was I wrong! wheeeeeeeeee

Still hoping for a Nekked Tina Fey Day! :P

Kathryn said...

Are we done with Tina fey yet? This is getting boring.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Snarker- seeing as this is your blog, you have every right to Tina Fey worship as much as you see fit. I approve. I was not a 30 rock watcher until this week. Caught up on season two online and took the dvds from season one home as well.

Thanks to your clips this week, I am hooked. I have always loved her, but never caught the show. Glad I gave it the look it deserved. Both my girfriend and I appreciate the pics this week, too. very fun. thanks for the eye candy.


slacker said...

Love on, Dorothy. Your faithful readers expect no less.

As for the restraining order, as long as you stay away from her home, workplace, and child's school, you'll probably be okay.

kirsten said...

Dorothy I love you, you are the best.

May you continue the Tina-love for many more days, weeks, years to come.

I felt I must de-lurk, however, to point out that it's 'extent' rather than 'extend'. (Sorry. I tried to hold myself back -- I did -- but the nerdy lit major won out.)

that girl said...

i think i love you. really. tina fey-palooza is pretty much the best thing to read after a long day at work. thanks.

Becky said...

never.stop. the Tina.

HeatherM said...

Tina Fey is please don't listen to anyone who says they don't want any more Tina Fey posts. Keep them coming!!!

Pyewacket said...

Oh, I am so glad I came back to peek again! I knew there was a good reason why I bought that Entertainment Weekly subscription through my niece's school! I can't wait for it to come to momma, er, I mean, show up in my mailbox this week! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness - a week is all it takes for people to turn. Your blog - you don't need to explain. Go on w/ your TinaFeyness bad self. Can you tell I'm not minding Tina Fey week and am quite sad that she won't be your weekend crush?

Lezlie Mac said...

Tina Fey in a tux. Lovely. Like the feathers one too.

With all that tina-obsession-related fuss, has the Goddess herself not contacted you yet?? or sent a signed-anything? or bread crumb...Anything for us to feed on!
Keep on with the tina love, but careful, we might OD on it someday..

Jim said...

No one blames you for your Tina-fixation:) She is probably the funniest women on TV these days. There is a great interview with her up at and - this is key - full-length and FREE episodes of "30 Rock" (11 of them!) So in case you missed some or just want to see MILF Island again, or Tina drunkenly singing Alana Morrisette into the phone at her co-op board, they are at

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