Monday, March 03, 2008

Ladies’ Month

This one is, as they say, for the ladies. Yes, we’ve officially entered Women’s History Month. Wow, a whole month devoted to sugar and spice and everything nice. To celebrate, I bring you three fantastic videos featuring us dames. We are your rock stars, feminist icons, your potential lesbians, yearning to breathe free. And, yes, we totally kick ass.

Jem is truly, truly, truly Le Tigre-tastic.

Outrageous? No. Awesome? Yes.

No, my first name ain’t baby.

Let’s all make a vow to eat constantly, kick ass and look good. (Don’t let Coulter scare you away, it’s so worth the click.)

And I was like, aaahhhhhhh!

Oh, that Ellen Page. What a fun and positive way to poke back at all the gay speculation swirling around her of late. And, seriously, why does everything have to have a frickin’ label? Why can’t we all just hug a woman with our legs in friendship? In fact, in honor of Ladies’ Month, I think I’m going to go do that right now.


Crafty said...

i must admit, i have a wicked crush on ellen page. naturally, that was the best clip on snl.
if we can't laugh at ourselves, what good is that?

Amanda said...

When that last skit on SNL came on I was thinking "wow, Dorothy was right..."

Lest to say the appearance of Hillary and Ellen Page acting pretty damn gay made me quite happy. :)

Oh, and I absolutely love when they do the Dakota Fanning show.


TheWeyrd1 said...

I called it...both here and AE! Who can resist such a funny bit on SNL?g

Anonymous said...

Ms Pac-Man rocks my face off. So do Ellen Page and crazy 80s cartoons, so thank you for the nice wake-up present!

Anonymous said...

Great way to start the month. Maybe that's why the ERA failed...not enough humor involved. I had more than 77% of the happiness than any man would have experienced from today's blog entry.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that clip from SNL's lesbian skit has gone viral. I can't seem to open it up, and after a while my screen goes blank.

Unfortunately its not on YouTube. NBC has yanked whatever clips were on it.

I think the skit was wickedly tongue in cheek and almost an in joke. Loved it.

ArtfulArtsyAmy said...

seriously. JEM!!!! I just squealed in delight!!!

Bridget said...

i've been jamming to Jem and Le Tigre for the past month - love them both!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Man.
Best SNL skit all night?
Best SNL skit ever!
Sweet way to poke fun at the rumors, and then the indigo girls came out as a surprise and I was all like "AAAAHH! AAAAH!" and they sang Closer I am to Fine in this great big lezzie jam! God that such a memory song for me!